What to do With All Of Your Travel Photos

Whenever I get back from my travels, I always like to set a day apart where I will rake though the hundreds of snaps which I have taken, and start sorting them out. We live in a world where we are taking more photos than ever before, yet many of us don’t really know what is best to do with them all.

I like to use my photos as often as I can to both remind me how much I love to travel, and ensure that I remain inspired to go and take some more photos, in another interesting place. To help you work out what you will do with all of your snaps, here are some of the things which I do, that may help you out.

Backing Up

Ever since I lost a bunch of photos when I was 18, I have been wholly committed to backing up all of my photos at the earliest possible moment, to avoid this nightmare from happening again. This is the first step that I would recommend that you do with your photos, use an online cloud-based service like Dropbox or Google, or alternatively store your photos on an external hard drive. Make sure that you have at least one backup of your photos in case you lose your mobile or your computer.


I love to create albums on my computer so that I can categorize all of my photos and it also makes it easier to find them when I want to reflect. Another great idea however is to have albums printed so that you have physical copies of the photos themselves, put together in a beautiful collection. I usually use online service Mixbook to put together my albums, and Mixbook’s best photo books are really beautifully put together.


I am often surprised that people would prefer to spend their money on art and prints when you can use one of your very own images and blow it up so that you can put it on your wall. My home is covered in photographs which I have taken, as well as montages of trips which I have been on. This is not only a great use for your photos, but you can also be sure that they will be absolutely unique, and add some real character to the home. If you do plan on placing images on your wall, be sure that the quality of them is sufficient so that you don’t lose any of the image when you increase the size.


I love sites like Instagram but sometimes I am terrible at remembering to upload my images there. What you can do then, is start uploading your favorite images of your time away, straight onto the social media site, and show the world where you have been, and how good a photographer you are.

Don’t just let your photos sit there untouched, take action and turn them into something beautiful.

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