Top Under the Radar U.K. Tourist Destinations

Planning a trip to the United Kingdom but you’ve already seen London and Stonehenge? The U.K. is home to some of the most beautiful and interesting locations in all of Europe. Here are some of the top under the radar U.K. tourist destinations that will let you experience the U.K. like a local while taking in some breathtaking sites.

While world famous for its football (soccer) teams, Manchester has much more to offer than sports. Music buffs will be thrilled with its extensive musical history, as Manchester was home to many of the most famous rock, punk-rock, and techno groups of the past 50 years. This working-class city has been on the cutting-edge of England’s music scene and continues to be. If you are looking to experience life in a real English city, no better place to find it. From the traditional English pubs, to its world-class museums, Manchester is one of the top under the radar U.K. tourist destinations.  If you are planning a trip to Manchester we recommend taking the train from London/Heathrow to get a view of the countryside on the way up.

Top Under the Radar U.K. Tourist Destinations Ulster
Many visitors to the U.K. neglect Northern Ireland. Scotland, England, and Wales are all splendid to visit but for many, Ireland offers something truly culturally unique. Ulster is one of the top under the radar U.K. tourist destinations and should be a must for any visitor. It is home to some Europe’s most fascinating castles as well breathtaking scenery. Ulster’s coastlines are second to none and offer astonishing views and photo opportunities. The capitol of Belfast is definitely a must see for any tourist but seeing the small villages and farms will give a sense of real Irish culture.

Another terrific under the radar U.K.tourist destination is Dorset. This coastal town in Wales is perfect for a relaxing weekend or week long getaway. In fact many people take the kids to Dorset for a week as a perfect way to soak in the natural relaxation of Welch countryside. Dorset is home to the Jurassic Coast, a world heritage site that boasts arguably the most beautiful coast in all of the U.K. Though many come for the coastal views and slower pace of the countryside, they are surprised with the high quality of food and lodging when they get there. Expect world-class restaurants and accommodations while enjoying this world renown English county.

So even if you think you have seen it all in the United Kingdom, you likely haven’t! These top under the radar U.K. Tourist Destinations will give a fresh look at this diverse and fascinating culture. Whether you are checking out the music in Manchester, the castles and cliffs of Ulster, or relaxing in a charming cottage near the breathtaking coasts of Dorset; your next trip to the U.K. is bound to make all your friends and families back home jealous.  So what are you waiting for? Book your ticket and explore the United Kingdom’s out of the way places before they become too popular!

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