The Six Things NOT to do in the Airport Parking Lot

Number One:

Don’t Lose Your Car, sales it might be a cliché example of what not to do. But you’d be surprised the number of people who lose their cars in Airport Parking . In particular, viagra 40mg long stay lots that are as large as Heathrow Airport Parking are easy to get confused, in particular if you’ve parked a car that you aren’t that familiar with like a rental. The best thing to do is make a note or perhaps a reminder in your phone for when you are coming back to pick the car up with the section and number the car is parked in.

Number Two:

Don’t hit someone else’s car. This is particularly important for those traveling to the United Kingdom from overseas and not used to driving on the “right side” of the road. Be extra careful on the roads and in the parking lots. Especially in short stay lots, like Gatwick Airport Parking ‘s are smaller parking lots and a little caution never hurt anyone.

Number Three:

Sleep, this seems a little silly, but you would be surprised the number of folks who try to sleep in their cars. Airport parking has lots of cameras and security; they will not be very amused at your efforts to save hotel costs by sleeping in their parking lots.

Number Four:

Learn to Drive : You would be surprised the number of people who think parking lots make great locations for driving lessons. Not so much, unless you are practicing driving for a demolition derby or looking for a parking challenge with lots of sharp curves and obstacles.

Number Five:

Store Your Luggage, there’s always a danger when leaving a parked car that it might get broking into. In longer stay lots like the ones at Glasgow Airport Parking, it ‘s never a good idea to store any valuable items within sight.

Number Six:

Overstay your Welcome, always pick your vehicle up within the time frame allotted for short stay or meet and greet lots. Most airport parking lots have a late fee associated with vehicles left in the lots too long, and some will have the vehicle towed and even auctioned off if you leave it there for a certain length of time. Be sure to verify how long your vehicle can be parked in a lot before you leave it there, just to make sure that you have all the information necessary before you hop on a plane to another country or another city.

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