The Perfect Road Trip Starts With a Great Destination

What’s one of the most difficult parts of planning a road trip?

Deciding where to go. There are so many destinations you could see when traveling by car or bike, but if you select the wrong one, it could essentially ruin the entire trip. Your travel destination plays a role in how much you’ll spend as well as what you can do once you get there. If you’re not traveling alone, it can also have an impact on their mood and interests along the way. If you’re not sure where you’d like to travel this year, these tips might help you narrow down your options.


How Long Do You Have?

It takes a lot longer to get to a destination by car or motorcycle than it would in a plane. You’ll need to factor in the amount of time you have. If you only took off an extended weekend, then you should probably choose a destination close to where you live. If you have several weeks, then you have more options.


What’s Your Budget?

How much money do you have to spend on a road trip? Remember, you have to factor things like vehicle maintenance and repairs, vehicle insurance, gas, toll, and food during the ride. Once you arrive, you’ll need to pay for a room, food, and entertainment.


You can always find ways to save money such as filling out online applications for motorcycle insurance to compare prices and get a deal. You can also opt to rent a car or bike if the maintenance and repair bill is too much and you can use apps to find affordable gas along your route. Even with those money-saving tips in mind, you want to stay at a destination that you can afford to enjoy yourself.


Who’s Traveling With You?

The type of road trip you’re going on could also have an impact on where you decide to travel to. If you’re on a road trip with the kids, for example, you might want to choose a destination that is more kid-friendly.


If you’re taking a weekend motorcycle road trip for two with your spouse, then you can choose a destination with a great nightlife and plenty of things to explore during the day just the two of you. Keep in mind as well, if you’re traveling with kids in the car, chances are you’re going to want to choose a closer location than something further away (unless you don’t mind the endless nagging about when you arrive).


What Are You Interested in?

When choosing a destination for your road trip, sometimes personal interest is the best approach. What kinds of things do you enjoy doing? Are there any upcoming events that you want to attend? You can actually do some online research based on your interests to find destinations most closely aligned with what you want to do.



Whether you end up traveling to the beaches of sunny California or you opt for a bit of romantic nostalgia at a scenic bed and breakfast in Maine or Connecticut, it’s the people you’re with and the experiences you have that make the trip worthwhile. Hopefully, these tips will help you narrow down your options so you can select a place that encompasses everything you’d imagined.


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