The Different Types of Limousine Hires

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You may have seen a limo driving down the street or one parked at a gas station or in front of a club as passengers unload and prepare themselves for a night out on the town. But did you know that there are several different types of limousines? Some are longer, some shorter, some car style while others look more like a stretched out truck than anything else. Even yet, some come in out of this world sizes like those at Perth Stretch Hummers. Some come in the classic white color we’ve all come to recognize while others prefer to stand out of the crowd even more with bright purples and pinks. No matter the differences, all of these types of limos are available for hire and are used all around the world, sometimes for parties and other times for simple transportation for large groups of people. So what are the different types of limousine hires available for you to choose from?

Hummer Limousines

If you’re looking for a way to transport a rather large number of people, a hummer limo hire may be your best bet. These limos are very large in size, even larger than most other limos on the market, making them great for 20 or so people to comfortably sit and stretch out while enjoying themselves. Generally these types of limos are used for large wedding parties, bachelor parties, prom and dance parties or for large family reunions who are traveling from one location to the next.

Sedan Limousines

This type of limo hire is what we’re all most used to seeing on the road and is considered the most popular option. This particular option is so popular because of its practicality and its low cost. Generally speaking, when looking up limo hire costs, you’ll find that this one tends to be the cheapest option out of the bunch.

SUV Limousines

One that’s been around for a while now, the SUV limo hire is another popular option and is used generally for those planning family trips, family reunions, service transports and more. Because of the grand amount of space in each, both adults and children can sit comfortably without having to be in each others way. There is also lots of room for extras such as baggage, toys, meals and more. Sometimes they’ll also come with a few fun amenities such as a TV and bar. When looking at these limos, you’ll tend to find that they can each house about 6 adults or so.

No matter what the occasion is, from parties to nights out on the town to transportation to weddings and receptions, limousines are here to serve. They can be found around the world, and are available everywhere, including major cities like Perth. If you’re looking for a reliable means of transportation and a way to arrive safety and on time, then hiring a limo hire is most likely your best bet.

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