Your smartphone goes camping: top uses for your mobile in the wilderness

When your smartphone goes camping, the possibilities are endless ... photo by CC user Unsplash on pixabay

Smartphones have become so popular that nearly two-thirds of Americans own at least one mobile device. Most people rely on their smartphones so much that they believe they can’t go a day without using them, even when they’re on vacation.

While some people may interpret this as an unhealthy reliance on technology, the fact is that many new smartphones have features that allow them to replace other devices that people commonly use while traveling. About 67 percent of people with smartphones say they use their devices for navigation.

That means they can leave maps and GPS devices at home while traveling. Over 50 percent of smartphone owners say they use their devices to take vacation photos. Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S5’s sophisticated camera technology, travelers don’t need to pack bulky cameras.

The growing number of mobile apps makes smartphones useful in a wider range of environments. Even campers carry their mobile devices when they venture into the woods. With the right apps, they can use their smartphones to identify plants and animal tracks, cook nutritious meals in their campfires, and share pictures with friends. When your smartphone goes camping, your experience improves immeasurably.

A smartphone could also keep campers safe in the wilderness. GPS features make it easier for them to stay on trails and find their campsites without getting lost. Having the option to make phone calls or send emails from anywhere makes it possible for campers to get help when they encounter potentially dangerous situations.

Before you take your next camping trip, make sure you download apps that will make your smartphone more useful. They could help you have more fun while keeping you safe.

How would you use your smartphone while camping? Read on to learn more about the benefits a mobile device can offer, even when you’re in the middle of the woods.

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