Planning a mini break in 2014: what are your options?

Looking to take a mini break in 2014?  Go on a cruise for 7 days!

Now is the time to start planning your next holiday, and mini breaks are a great option. After all, not only are they very flexible, allowing you travel without having to take too much time off work, but they also give you a chance to enjoy some well-deserved luxury.


And you may want to take some inspiration from the latest travel trends. It seems that fewer people are going on long-haul holidays (according to the Office for National Statistics), so a mini break is certainly fitting, while more people are heading to European destinations than further afield.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that all-inclusive packages are particularly popular, or so found the Consumer Holiday Trends Report 2013 by ABTA – The Travel Association. All-inclusive options are particularly well worth considering if you’re keen to enjoy a little luxury, as well as make sure you get good value for money.

But let’s stop looking at what the trends are and focus on your options. Of course, the most obvious are spending a few days either in the UK or a European city. UK breaks are good if you’re looking for something low-effort, and staying in a luxurious country spa hotel can help make sure you really feel like you’re getting away from it all. But if you’d like to do something a bit different, there are other options.


Mini cruises are a fantastic way to get away from it all – especially if you have a luxurious getaway in mind. What’s particularly appealing about cruises for the luxury traveller keen to make the most of their money is the fact that a cruise offers real value, both in terms of cost and time.

For example, if you organise an all-inclusive cruise, not only can you visit multiple destinations in one trip, but the cost should also cover things like your meals and drinks, as well as a selection of activities. In terms of time, it gives you the ability to travel further and see more places in the few days you have available – something that would be extremely different during any other kind of travel.

It’s also beneficial time-wise in that you can make the most of every minute you spend travelling. After all, on a plane or train or in the car, you can’t sip on a cocktail while admiring a sea view, relax in your own private cabin or watch a spectacular stage show, can you?

For the ultimate in luxury, book yourself a cabin or suite with a balcony. This will allow you to enjoy the wonderful views to the fullest. Giving you the opportunity to watch romantic sunsets and relax in the open air with a drink in total seclusion, this kind of accommodation is particularly perfect for couples.

There’s also plenty of entertainment to enjoy on board, from quizzes and dance lessons to informative talks. Or, you can simply relax in one of the bars and lounges. What’s available will depend on your particular ship, but you can expect to be able to choose from bars with charming views across the sea, venues right out on deck, as well as things like chic piano bars.

Don’t forget there will also be a selection of shore excursions for you to go on, so you can effortlessly explore the most interesting parts of your ports of call. If you like the sound of this kind of break, is a good source of the latest offers from different providers.

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