Making a Food Tour a Key Part of Your Bangkok Vacation

As you travel you find that there are a range of things that differentiate each travel destination for another. A great example of many of the differences are the cultural attractions, the types of entertainment that are available, the personalities of the people who live in those places, and of course the local food.

If you were someone who appreciates good food in lungs to try the local food in the destinations where you travel, then you are a foodie. This designation is reserved for people who love to get down and dirty with the destination’s street food, high-quality cuisine, and everything in between, with a common Thread Bean that the food and tastes originated from that destination.

Bangkok is a city that is renowned for its Pace, people, activities, look, and feel. The city is always on and between the traffic in the people, there doesn’t seem to be a part of the city that isn’t moving. The city has great culture and folklore and provides visitors with mini attractions an inner-city destinations to explore. Additionally, Bangkok has one of the most bustling night life in the world. No matter what you want to get into during the night in Bangkok, you can find it in abundance.

Thailand also has one of the most recognizable local cuisines on the planet. Everyone knows and loves Thai food and when people visit Bangkok, they make a beeline to the restaurants and local food stalls all over the city. Mini don’t know that Bangkok has the highest percentage of locals that eat out of any major city in the world. The locals here eat out more than 60% of their meals. With so many people in the streets looking for food, you can be sure that there’s a lot of great food here. In other words Bangkok is a foodie paradise.

What many people don’t know about Thailand cuisine is that it consists of dishes from all parts of the country. Thailand has three distinct cultures. South Thailand which includes the islands of Phuket and Koh Samui has its own culture and food. Northeast Thailand or Isaan food has its own set of flavors and dishes that have become extremely popular worldwide. And North Thailand offer dishes that are often influenced by the cuisine of Burma.

Although the food in South Thailand is very delicious, it is not prominent in Thai cuisine. The vast majority of well-known and eaten Thai dishes come from the North and Northeast parts of the country. If you are in Bangkok and want to take one of the famous Bangkok food tours, these are some of the dishes you will see on menus and where they originated.

North Thailand

North Thailand specializes in their own set of spices much of it was inspired by Burma.

A great example is Sai Oua or Northern Thailand Grilled Herb Sausage. It uses ground pork, dried chilies, garlic, shallots and a bevy of local herbs and spices to create a unique and powerful taste..

Miang Kham

One of Thailand’s most popular finger foods. This dish consists of a variety of different tastes including diced ginger, sliced shallots, fresh red or green chilies, cut garlic, diced lime, dried baby shrimp and roasted and grated coconut, all wrapped with betal leaves. There is also a sweet sauce placed on the dish creating the widest variety of tastes and coming together in one large bite. A Thai favorite.

Northeast Thailand – Isaan Food

The northeast of Thailand is the country’s farming area and the people here are simple and hard working. They love their fish, pork and chilies and that also love to have large meals with family. Here are some of Isaan’s signature dishes.

Papaya Salad or Som Tam

Perhaps Thailand’s most popular local dish and is prepared by street vendors all over the country. If you see a mortar and pestle being used with rapid precisions it is likely Som Tam is being prepared. The dish includes papaya, lime, fish sauce, palm sugar, peanuts and chilies and may have a variety of other ingredients depending on the particular style and where you purchase it. Half sweet and half sour, serviced with glutinous Thai rice, and as spicy as you can take Som Tom is a definite Thai experience.

Tom Saap or Hot and Sour Soup

Thailand is known for a hot and sour soup called Tom Yum Kuung which uses shrimp as its main ingredient. Tom Saap is an Isaan version of that soup and is just as popular throughout the country. The soup uses pork ribs as the meat instead of shrimp and it is sweet, sour, salty and hot, with an added savory flavour with a stock. Tom Saap is said to be made with love and is often a specialty in northern Thai homes.

If you are a serious foodie, you have to put these Thai dishes on your list when you do a Bangkok ford tour.

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