Holiday Must Haves

Wherever you choose to go on holiday, there are some holiday must haves that will help you get the most out of your trip.

Disposable camera

Yes, we know your ‘phone will suffice but if you are planning on many nights out, or going hiking, or climbing, or even just lazing on the beach during your time away, a disposable camera is a sensible option. Not only can you go all retro with a throw-away camera, but if you do lose it, break it or drop it in the ocean, it won’t be that big a deal.

A Fully Loaded Tablet

Any sun worshipper knows the importance of having something entertaining to do while soaking up the rays. If you are a bit of a book worm, load your tablet with plenty of books to last your trip. Those who prefer to play games during a lengthy transfer, or while lazing on the beach should take a look at Coral’s brand new 6 Hold’em Poker which is not only highly entertaining but also gives you the chance to win some funds to spend during your holiday.

Emergency contacts

If you are travelling abroad, ensure you research the contact numbers and addresses of local hospitals, the police, and any other medical and emergency services that you may need to know should you have an accident or become ill. Key these details into your phone and also write them down in case you don’t have your mobile or tablet with you when you need it.

First Aid Kit

When abroad, it can be difficult to get the right medications for an upset stomach or a headache, so prepare for most eventualities by packing a first aid kit. Sickness pills, pain killers, plasters, anti-sceptic wipes and soluble vitamin C tablets are some of the items you should include and believe me, when the hang over from hell strikes, you will be grateful you remembered to pack those pills! Just remember to pack them in your checked-in luggage as you may have problems taking them in your hand luggage due to airport security measures.

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