Here’s Why a Motorhome Beats Camping Hands Down

Camping is a great way to get out of the daily hustle and bustle of suburban life and enjoy some quality time surrounded by nature. However, a tent is not always the right way to go. Choosing to camp in a motorhome beats traditional camping, hands down. There are a few main reasons why.

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Camping in a motorhome is much safer than staying in a tent. You and your family will be much more protected in a high quality motorhome. For starters, you will have a door complete with locks to keep strangers, and wildlife, out of your sleeping quarters. You also have more convenient access to power in an motorhome, in case of an emergency situation.

You should prepare for the worst by packing a stocked first aid kit, spare batteries, flashlight, and other items that may be of use to you. This tip will help you be prepared to take action in case of an emergency. And if worst comes to worst, a proper motorhome or caravan insurance policy from the likes of The Caravan Club will take care of you.


Motorhomes and caravans offer a variety of conveniences that traditional camping just cannot compare with. Motorhomes can have multiple beds, a dining area, a toilet and shower, and comfortable seating. Many even have an entertainment center built in so you can relax and enjoy watching a film.

You will never need to worry about where to store your clothes or belongings either, because motorhomes have storage areas and closets. These modern conveniences not only save you time, but also allow you to focus on enjoying your trip to the fullest. As a quick tip, you may want to bring several layers of clothing with you on your camping trip, such as long sleeved shirts, light jackets, jeans, t-shirts, and tank tops. This way, you can easily change to accommodate the condition of the weather.


Personal hygiene is a big deal, to most people at least. Most camping sites offer showers and restrooms, but the cleanliness of them is not always up to par. In your own motorhome, you do not need to worry about using a dirty shower or public toilet. Not only is it much handier, but it reduces the risk of illness and infection, and ensures that you stay healthy during your trip. It also means you don’t have to do all this just to go to the loo.


Most motorhomes have refrigerators or mini-fridges so you can keep your food fresh. Not to mention that they also have kitchens or a microwave so that at the very least you can quickly prepare food. Imagine cooking your meals in the comfort of your motorhome versus preparing meals over a grill in an outdoor camping site. Preparing food in your motorhome is much safer overall than doing it outdoors. You should still consider packing easy to make meals and snacks that are not time consuming to prepare so you don’t spend more time in the kitchen than you need to.

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