When is a good time to use a travel agent?

When is a good time to use a travel agent? ... photo by CC user Platform London on Flickr

With travel aggregator sites dominant in travel planning in 2015, it’s easy to assume that the era of the travel agent is dead.

While many in the general public have taken to planning their own trips, many more have lamented the stress of taking this responsibility upon their own shoulders.

As such, travel agencies (especially online ones) have enjoyed a resurgence of late, as people too burdened by other tasks have turned to them to help plot out their journeys.

When is a good time to use a travel agent? This article profiles a few scenarios where using their services might actually make sense for you…

1) Traveling overseas for the first time

When you go to take the first leap overseas, it will be a trip that is quite unlike any domestic journey that you have ever taken in your life.

Apart from the culture, there are visa requirements, reciprocity fees, and other regulations of which you might not be aware, increasing the odds of a rude awakening at customs or at the airline check-in desk.

When you employ a travel agent, they will look into all the hoops that you’ll need to leap through in order to make your first international trip as smooth as possible.

Additionally, using luxury travel planners like eshores can help you keep the costs of foreign travel low, as they have the experience to find you deals that can be hard for the retail consumer to find on their own.

They know all the tactics and tricks to find discounts, and with knowledge of deals in other nations that aren’t readily available to you in the country where you are right now, they can keep your expenses lower than you ever thought possible.

2) If you are insanely busy with work or planning other life events

These days, many folks are working harder than ever to create the life they know they deserve. When it comes to planning badly needed breaks though, they hardly have any time to jump on the net and plan the details of their upcoming trip.

Personal outsourcing is the productivity revolution of our age, and the travel experts present at online agencies stand ready to get the detail work behind planning a relaxing vacation done so you can focus on taking your company or career to new heights.

3) You want to nail your honeymoon perfectly

Another event that is a beehive of activity every day for months leading up to the ceremony are weddings.

The shower, bachelor(ette) parties, service and reception all take a ton of time for everyone involved … oh wait, you have to plot out the honeymoon too.

Take this last piece of the puzzle off your plate by getting a travel agent to plan out your post-nuptial holiday from start to finish. Just let them know your likes and dislikes, and watch them weave their magic, creating a trip that the two of you won’t ever forget!

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