How To Find Luxury Travel Deals

When you learn how to find luxury travel deals, going on trips like this first class train ride in India become very possible ... photo by CC user 14589121@N00 on Flickr


While most people choose to book luxury trips by themselves, it is quite a stressful experience trying to figure out the best packages, flights and even destinations. It may take hours jumping from one site to the next trying to find the perfect travel deals online.

A specialist agent is knowledgeable of different destinations and it is best to consult one– to save time and money. Travel agents are also aware of the best offers in the market and offer help and guidance through the whole process. Most travelers shy away from using travel agents as they think they will charge extra for their services, they may charge a small fee for their time and research but overall, travel agents earn their commissions from travel suppliers.

Travel agents are also well connected on the ground, after all, that is what they do, and you will be utterly surprised when they connect you to local tour guides as well as people you can reach out if anything goes amiss. They also give you a variety of options when you are not sure, to help you make the right choices.

For luxury trips you can also find destinations specialists like this that will know the location inside out, from the best hotels to the most amazing things to see. They’ll also be able to get you better rates because of the relationships they have with suppliers in the destination.


The world of technology is moving too fast, everything from shopping to booking trips is now something you can do in the comfort of your house. Whether this is good or bad, is a discussion for another day. There are millions of sites on the web that offer great luxury travel deals that sometimes it can be confusing when trying to get the best deals in the market.

The aggregator sites come in handy in the process since they search the search engines for you and give you a comprehensive result of the best deals in the market. Consolidator sites on the other hand buy a block of seats from airlines, add commission and resell the seats to travel agents or other websites. Aggregator sites search airline websites as well as consolidators to find the keenest deals.

Using aggregator sites saves you time and the hassles of opening numerous browser windows going back and forth trying to remember what the last page you visited had to offer, and trying to compare to your current page. Some of the most popular aggregator sites include Momondo, Kayak, Skyscanner, Expedia and Travelocity.


Travelling is a personal experience, there may be many published travel magazines, guidebooks and even travel agents, but nothing beats first hand information from a blogger who is posting right from the destination you are headed.

Specialist bloggers post useful information, tips and travel experiences in chronological order with the most recent post appearing on top. From their sites, you can browse past trips by destination in any part of the world you may be interested in. They also include pictures along with their posts, and as they say, ‘a picture is worth more than a thousand words’ you get to see what lies on the other side. With such candid pictures and experiences posted every now and then, you can easily book your luxury trip without a shadow of doubt.

You can also find blogs and guides about specific places or types of accommodation like this one for overwater villas that may be able to give you even better insight into what is on offer, while merged with a personal opinion.

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