Family Trip Survival Guide – Yes, It’s Possible to Survive!

You’ve probably heard numerous horror stories about travelling as a family on long road trips and perhaps even endured a few horrible family road trips yourself. Nevertheless, it is possible to not only survive a family road trip, but to also have a wonderful time travelling together as a family.


Hire the Right Vehicle 

There are numerous rental vehicles to select from these days and you don’t have to opt for a car either as you can arrange minibus hire in Perth, WA from a leading hire agency online very easily these days. What’s more, there are many other vehicles available, including motorhomes and campervans, not to mention SUVs and utes.

However, while it would be great to arrange ute hire in Perth and take off around Western Australia with the family, most utes for hire are only suitable for two passengers and it isn’t legal to have passengers riding in the back of the ute, so save that for another time when the kids are grown up!

Provide Entertainment for the Kids 

If you’re a responsible parent and you’re keeping an eye on how much screen time your kids have, it may be an idea to relax this a little when on a long road trip. Naturally, you don’t want the kids spending the entire trip staring at smartphones or tablets, but if it keeps them quiet and happy, why not? With a comfortable rental car from Ace Rent a Car and the kids preoccupied in the backseat, your road trip from Perth to exciting destinations across beautiful Western Australia will be idyllic!

Plan the Route You’ll Take Together 

If the kids are old enough, planning the route you’ll take together should have the effect of making them more interested in the trip as they’ll feel important by contributing and having input. What’s more, you can get an idea of the distances involved together as a family and look for things along the way that you can stop at to break up the trip. That’s crucially important when travelling with children as they need to take a break from the road every couple of hours or so.

Bring Snacks – And Lots of Them 

Some kids are susceptible to car sickness, so be careful if that’s the case with your children, however, most parents see snacks as essentials on road trips and wouldn’t dare hit the road without a stash of snacks because they know only too well just how painful snack-free road trips can be.

Another good point to make regarding snacks is that the food that you’ll come across on the road while travelling is generally poor (it’s junk food and not much else most of the time), so by taking snacks you can control what your children eat.

In conclusion, to make your next family road trip a wonderful experience for all involved, hire the right car from a top rental agency, provide the kids with ample snacks and entertainment, and plan the route you’ll take together as a family – you’ll have a blast!

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