Best Cities to See a Theater Performance

I have always held the belief that the very best way to travel is to combine your travel plans with another activity that you love to do. With this in mind, if you are a lover of the theater and musical in particular, it makes sense to head to the biggest stage of them all and witness the very best that there is on offer. Some cities around the world have gained a reputation as being theater cities, and in turn they are often graced by a new stage show or musical, before it even goes on tour. If you want to combine your love for the stage with travel, here are some of the best cities which you should be thinking about visiting.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a place unlike any other when it comes to the shows that it puts on, and generally focusses more on the glitz, glamour and shock value, rather than classical theater productions. The result of this approach ahas earned Vegas the title of the entertainment capital of the world, and it is why so many legends of the stage continue to put on multi-night residencies in some of Vegas’ finest venues.

New York

New York has been something of a Mecca for stage shows for many years now, especially in the most famous theater district of them all, Broadway. Each year you can expect just about any Tony award-winning production to have featured first in New York, and the city not only features some of the world’s greatest productions, but also some of the world’s most iconic stages and theaters. If you truly love the theater, New York is certainly a perfect place for your pilgrimage destination.


The closes city to New York in terms of its love of the stage is undoubtedly London, which since Shakespearean times has been a city who’s beating cultural heart has existed on the stage. What is more, the theaters in this city are some of the oldest in the world, and the theatre district aka The West End, is bustling each night with people heading out to see all manner of productions, from hard-hitting global successes, to small productions carried out in front of just a few hundred people.


Vienna also has a rich musical culture and the theaters here are some of the finest that have ever been designed. Whilst you may not find shows such as Jesus Christ Superstar, Hamilton or Chess here in Austria’s capital, you will find some of the most incredible musical displays and dance shows that you will find elsewhere. Here in Vienna they focus on classical entertainment with orchestral shows, operas and some of the world’s finest ballet companies showing what they are made of, on these hallowed stages.

Have you been to shows and musical around the world? Which was your favorite city? Let us know what you think in the comments section below this post.

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