7 Reasons To Visit Samoa For Your Next Holiday

Can’t decide where to go for your next getaway? We’re lucky to live in a part of the world that’s surrounded by beautiful scenery and incredible holiday destinations, but sometimes it’s best to get past your usual Bali or Bondi Beach holiday routine and travel somewhere truly breathtaking. We’ve loving the South Pacific island of Samoa as a must-visit destination this year. Here are 7 reasons to visit as soon as you have a chance.

The incredible resorts

Thanks to its beautiful tropical beaches and crystal seas, some high-class resorts have cropped up around the coasts of Samoa. Resorts like Sinalei offer a luxury accommodation experience along with sustainable policies to suit the eco-conscious guest and authentic traditional villas that will help you really soak up the beautiful culture of this island. They also offer discounted package deals and specials year-round, so you can save money on your tropical getaway without missing out on the premium resort experience.

The wonderful food:

If you’re a fan of any kind of seafood, Samoa has got to be on your bucket list. The island is famous for it’s ultra-fresh catches and diverse variety of seafood options. You can sample delicious crab, tuna, and even eel dishes while watching one of the best sunsets of your life from your resort’s restaurant.

The beaches:

You may have been to the beach before, but you won’t have experienced that true paradise beach atmosphere until you’ve relaxed on a Samoan beach. The sand is always beautifully pale and there are plenty of fun activities to try out, including snorkelling and scuba diving in the island’s clear blue water and the chance to catch sight of the stunning tropical marine life beneath the surface. Surfers will love the huge waves that can build up on the coast.

You can swim with turtles:

While thrill-seekers may want to visit holiday spots where they can dive with sharks to get their adrenaline rush for the year, more chilled-out visitors will love the uniquely Samoan experience of swimming with the Pacific Ocean’s peaceful giant turtles at the Satoalepai Wetlands.

Go hiking in the rainforest.

If you’re over beaches and want to spend some time in greenery, Samoa has you covered there. The island’s tropical rainforest has gorgeous hiking trails that take you through the coastal O Le Pupu-Pue National Park. Not only will the hike get you out into a natural world you’ve probably never encountered before, it’ll also provide some incredible views of the coast and lush green cliffs.

Get to know Polynesian culture:

We may think we know a little about Polynesian culture, but you’ll never really get the feel for this unique culture until you’re in the midst of Samoa’s local traditions. Join a Fiafia night to watch dancers perform traditional stories through song and movement, and don’t forget to check out one of the island’s famous fire-dancing performances – from a safe distance, of course.

Freshen up in a cave pool:

If you’re feeling a little overheated and want to take a dip away from the beach, visit one of Samoa’s amazing cave pools – a beautiful cavern formed by volcanic activity years ago. There are several to experience- so go explore and find your favourite.

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