5 Vegas Experiences Not To Miss Out On

Las Vegas is truly one of the zaniest and most entertaining cities on the planet, and it is no surprise that the city sees millions of tourists each year, who flock to Vegas for some good old fashioned fun. In Vegas there is something for every type of tourist to do, see and experience, no matter what it is that you are looking for in a vacation, Vegas will provide. Las Vegas, much like any other destination around the world, has some experiences which you simply must do before leaving, and here are our top 5 which you should try out, during your time in Sin City.


Whether you enjoy gambling or not, this is an activity which you simply must do during your time in Vegas. There are over 100 casinos on this small stretch of land in the desert, most of which situated in the glitzy hotels. With so many games to choose from it doesn’t matter whether or not you know what you are doing, you can try your luck with just a handful of dollars, who knows, you may even win.

See a Show

One of the best things that you can do in Vegas is to go and see one of the many award-winning and highly entertaining shows that takes place each night. Vegas has long been the home of some of the world’s best entertainment and entertainers, and whatever kind of thing you enjoy is likely to be covered. You can go to see stand-ups, magic shows, cabarets, the circus, and even legends of the stage performing in some wonderful venues.

Watch The Fountains

Outside the iconic Bellagio hotel you will find one of the most impressive water displays that you are likely to see. The Bellagio fountains cover  large area in front of the hotel, and they are choreographed and set to music, making for a truly spectacular show. The shows generally last about 10 minutes, and repeat 3 times an hour, definitely worth seeing.

Take a Day Trip

There are some great day trips which you can take from Las Vegas, which can just add something a little different to your trip. For example you could take a trip to the Grand Canyon, just 3 hours away, or even to Hoover Dam which also makes for a great day trip. To really get the best out of this experience, why not consider taking a helicopter tour to your destination, and see the city from the skies?

See The World

Believe it or not, you can experience seeing the world here in Vegas, and you only need to walk a short distance. Here you can see the Statue of Liberty outside New York New York, you can take a gondola ride through the canals surrounding the Venetian Hotel, visit the Pyramids of Egypt at the Luxor hotel and take a selfie with the Eiffel Tower outside the Paris hotel. Just imagine the photos that you can take with these iconic locations!

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