5 Things to Know Before Your Very First Cruise

I have just got back from my very first cruise vacation and I must say that it was easily one of the most amazing experiences that I have had. We traveled throughout the Caribbean and some areas of Mexico, on a two week trip which was simply bliss. Not only were the destinations amazing, but my time on board was equally as good. I went in at the deep end with a 2 week cruise but if this is something that you are looking and not too sure whether or not it is for you, I would recommend that you try a short cruise first, there are plenty to choose from! For the uninitiated amongst you, here are 5 things which you can expect on your first cruise.

What to Wear?

You should of course pack for the destinations which you are heading too, clothes for a Caribbean cruise and a Norwegian fjord cruise will of course differ a great deal. On board however, I would recommend that you pack a smart suit or a pretty dress for the night times on deck as they are relatively luxurious affairs. Furthermore I recommend that you take some shoes that grip well for your time on the ship, as well as something which you can use to wrap up on an evening as it can get chilly out at sea.


Emergencies can always happen and you should know that if you are on board when disaster strikes back home, the ship will port so that you can get back. In light of this, make sure that you have comprehensive travel insurance, and that you always know where your passport is when on board.

Not All For Kids

Kids will adore going on a cruise vacation but only if the ship is geared up for them, which not all are. Make sure that you do plenty of investigation prior to booking, in order to ensure that there is going to be plenty of stuff to do for the kids.

Motion Sickness

I have never been seasick before but I must admit that the first few days on board were a little tough. If you are going on a cruise and you’re not sure whether or not you will have motion sickness, buy some Sea Bands before you go, which are bands that press on various pressure points on the body, to remove the symptoms of motion sickness.

Food Specialities

As a vegan I was worried before the cruise that there wouldn’t be enough for me to eat, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. As long as you specify at the time of booking what your dietary requirements are, the cruise staff will do everything in their power to deliver good, wholesome and delicious food, which fits in with your eating habits. The vegan meals which I was given were absolutely fab, and I can’t fault the kitchen staff for what they were able to prepare for me.

Give a cruise a go, I can assure you that you won’t regret it.


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