5 Las Vegas Sports Bars Sports Lovers Should Visit

Las Vegas is an entertainment hot spot whether you are in search of cool shows, concerts, gambling or bars. If you are visiting Las Vegas for your wedding or honeymoon, you want to spend time together and enjoying the city.

Many sports loving couples are looking for a great Las Vegas Sports Bar to take in the game. While you may want to see the sights around Las Vegas, missing the game isn’t something you want to do. If this is your first time in Las Vegas, you might not have found the ideal spot to spend a game day with your love.

Qualities to Look for In a Great Sports Bar

Before we get into specific bars you should look into when you are in Las Vegas, let’s look at some qualities you should look for when you are considering visiting a sports bar.

Your Team Is Playing

While you can enjoy a sports bar without your team being on the big screen, you do want to be able to see your team’s game. Make sure you know that your team is playing before you go all of the ways to the venue to find out they are watching other games but not yours.

Great Beverages

Basic beverages are fine if that is what you want, but if you are looking for more, that could be a problem. You should check the drink list before you visit to make sure it fits what you want out of beverages at a sports bar.

Great Food

Burgers, fries and chicken wings can be tasty, but you might want to add a little extra taste to your experience. If the sports bar you are visiting has a very limited menu, you and your partner might find what you want on the menu. Check online to see if the venue you are visiting has the meals that you want.

An Amazing Atmosphere

When you go to a sports bar, you want to feel at home. You are going to be spending quite some time watching the game, after all, so you don’t want to feel rushed or out of place. Going to a sports bar allows you to connect with other people and enjoy good times with fans of your team. If everything else is a little less than dazzling, a great atmosphere can make up for it.

Now that you know the qualities to look for in a sports bar let’s go on to the list of sports bars you and your sweetheart should check out while in Las Vegas.

1) The Still

The Still is in the heart of the Mirage. It is a serious man cave, but you and your sweetheart can enjoy it together. There is a strong focus on craft beer and cocktails, but they don’t skimp on their food game either. There are 27 TVs and 8,000 square foot of space for cheering for your team.

You can go to the busy center bar that has over 50 craft beers. You will also enjoy Bud Bud’s which is a refurbished Airstream trailer. It was found in Tennessee and has been turned into a fully functioning kitchen. The cuisine offered is upscale bar food.

2) Beer Park by Budweiser

Located in the Paris hotel, you’ll find plenty of beer, food, and cocktails at Beer Park. There is beer for days, and you can get many different brews at a good price when you visit Beer Park. Look at their event’s calendar to find out what is happening this week, but game watch parties are common.

If you want to have a little extra fun with your love, there are plenty of games that you can play while you are there as well. Check out the available games and enjoy!

3) Born & Raised

Born & Raised is a self-proclaim bar by the people and for the people venue. They say that they’ve created the bar with the customer’s every need in mind.

This official Golden Knight’s bar offers a beverage program with a wide variety of craft and draft beer, specialty cocktails, an elevated wine list. Everything is mixed with fresh ingredients. The food in the bar is made from scratch.

There are two locations of Born & Raised in the Las Vegas area so make a note of whether you are going to the Las Vegas or the Henderson location.

4) Time-Out Sports Bar & Grill

Time-Out Sports Bar & Grill gives a hard focus to the gambler and prides itself on paying out big cash. The happy hour makes getting a good drink affordable for two. Their menu isn’t massive, but there are still enough tasty menu items that patrons are happy to enjoy them during the game.

5) Four Kegs Sports Bar

Four Kegs Sports Bar prides themselves on being a great place to view the game over a drink and some delicious grub or just coming to have a good time. Their staff is trained to be friendly and fast. There are often festivities happening at the sports bar so make sure that you look at the calendar of events to see what is happening.


There are a lot of great options for sports bars when you are in Las Vegas. If you just walked the strip, you could find many sports bars that are glad to have your business. The ones above are great picks for you and your lover when you visit Las Vegas. Enjoy your trip!

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