The Dangers Of Traveling To Venezuela

The beauty of Venezuela is unquestionable but unfortunately so are the dangers of traveling the country. With Venezuela getting poorer by the minute, order petty crimes like theft and robbery are on the rise. Venezuela still remains to be a fairly safe country but you must always be on the lookout for the common crimes which plague it today.

Petty crimes like robbery and theft are pretty much everywhere these days but they’re especially common in Venezuela, particularly in Caracas. This is because Venezuela has gotten poorer for the past few years, pushing several locals to resort to stealing. Tourists are the usual victims of their crimes but they do target locals once in a while.  It is highly recommended go through a few travel insurance quotes when traveling to the country to ensure that all your valuables are covered.  Also, make sure to take extra precautions and always be on guard when you are traveling through the country.

city of caracas

Snatching is the most common petty crime in Venezuela. Snatchers take just a few seconds of inattention as an opportunity to grab whatever valuable you left unattended. There are also thieves who are more discreet, pickpocketing their way into bags to grab valuables like a purse, a wallet, a camera, or a phone. And then, there are more advanced thieves who break into hotel rooms and cars to steal everything they can.

The thieves of Venezuela rarely work as individuals. They typically work in pairs and groups, with one or more of them set up to distract you. Just a few seconds of distraction allows them to steal from you. The longer you stay distracted, the more likely you’ll lose every valuable you have.

Armed robbery has also been reported along Venezuela’s hiking trails, remote beaches, and even in downtown areas. Armed robberies are much more scarier and dangerous than the petty crimes mentioned earlier.  Never try to struggle or escape if you get caught up in these situations. Your safety comes first so you’re better off handing over your belongings.

Colombian guerilla groups like the ELN and the FARC have also been camping out recently in the secluded borders of Venezuela. Their increasing presence has been noted in Apure, Zulia, Amazonas, and Tachira. Traveling to these areas is highly discouraged if you can’t stay away from Venezuela unless you want to be exposed to violence or may be even kidnapped.

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