Traveling & Golfing Around The United States

So, patient you have decided to travel across the United States in order to explore all this great country has to offer.  The possibilities are endless at what you can see and do.  From mountains to deserts, click the Pacific to the Atlantic, no rx or the borders of Canada to the borders of Mexico you can spend days, weeks or even months getting lost and finding new things to do in the 50 great states.

If you have chosen to check out the Alamo, visit with killer whales at Sea World, or enjoy the lovely River Walk, then you just might find yourself in San Antonio.   If golf happens to be your thing then be sure you spend a few minutes on San Antonio Golf Courses. This site will give the opportunity to set you and your group up with tee times at any of the 60 courses available in that area and gives you all the information you need to know about that particular course all with the click of a button

Arizona is also a popular destination for many folks touring the states.  You can visit the Heard Museum to explore American Indian cultures of the Southwest.  Feel the wind in your hair and spend a day at the AZ Wing Aviation Museum where they have a variety of aircrafts from World War I.  But if you need to get that golf fix in then you are going to want to check out Scottsdale Golf Course to find a local course.

If the course of your choice is new to you, then you are going to want to spend a few minutes on the site to make sure it can accommodate your level of expertise.  Also, they will keep you informed on how you should dress with the current weather forecasts for any major destination.  With the vast difference in climate around the great big U.S. of A. this will come in handy and keep you prepared for a comfortable journey.

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