Top Tourist Attractions In Medellin

Each year, more and more people are visiting the top tourist attractions in Medellin. The city used to be dangerous but it became a safer place for tourists when the police successfully seized the Medellin drug cartel. Nowadays it prides itself as one of the most beautiful cities in South America. It is also one of the largest cities closer to the border of Panama.

Parque de los Pies Descalzos is the best place to relax after strolling around Medellin. The park allows you to go barefoot and enjoy the cool water of the fountains. It’s really a good place to hang out considering the warm climate of Colombia.

El Hueco has several shopping centers and vendors within its midst. You can waste half a day exploring El Hueco without bothering about the time. Haggling is an option if you want to get goods for a bargain. To get there, take a taxi and head for Calle 48, 53-53. Taxis are fairly cheap in Medellin.

View of Medellin at night.

View of Medellin at night.

El Alumbrado is an annual celebration that takes place during the holidays. At which time, some party is always happening in the city. Throughout El Alumbrado, lighted decorations depicting scenes from the Nativity and the joyful Christmas season fill the streets and Rio Medellin, the city river. Surely enough, it’s one of the top tourist attractions in Medellin.

Museo de Antioquia is known to be one of the greatest museums in Colombia. It features a combination of pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern art made by a variety of painters and sculptors, including local Colombian artist Fernando Botero.

La Feria de Las Flores is also a seasonal festival except it takes place every August. It is really a flower festival where floats and Silleteros parade the streets of Medellin, showcasing the floral plants grown in Medellin. Bull fights are also common during the La Feria de Las Flores and are among the top tourist attractions in Medellin this time of the year.


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