Top Things To Know About Visiting Colombia

Recognizing the top things to know about visiting Colombia can really go a long way as it helps not only the tourists but also the country’s tourism industry. Colombia suffers from bad stereotypes and the worst thing to go about it is that the seemingly exaggerated accounts are generally true. Colombia is practically fighting a stalemate battle with the FARC terrorist group whose operations even extend beyond the Venezuelan borders. Among many South American countries, viagra buy Colombia has one of the worst reputations in the eyes of the world. Global mainstream media pretty much paints this country as a hotbed for kidnapping and drug trafficking. One may safely say that Colombia’s illegal traffic of cocaine has nearly crippled the United States in the early 90’s. Knowing what the conventional media knows about Colombia, it is hard to see the bright side in choosing this country as a tourist destination. Fortunately, this article aims to explore its positive points.

Sunset in the Colombian Amazon

Sunset in the Colombian Amazon

1. Visit the most colorful river on the planet

One of the top things to know about visiting Colombia is that this country has the most colorful river on the planet. A lot of skeptical people may find out that this claim is not exaggerated once they visit this particular natural wonder. The Cano Cristales River has a very unusual vermillion streak beneath the stream’s surface. Locals call these waters as liquid rainbow due to its very vibrant dappled hue. Although there are a total of five colors manifesting in its flowing streams, the most obvious that appears is the purple spectrum. The Cano Cristales River is located within the province of Meta.

2. Are you very interested about Native Americans?

Another of the top things to know about Colombia is that this country has the largest number of indigenous communities in South America. Enthusiastic anthropologists who are interested in studying Native Americans will find a every notable indigenous native in the continent that once thrived elsewhere. It is in this country where one can locate the existing link to the virtually extinct Arawak natives. There are over 84 various native tribes in Colombia and each of them are seeking sanctuaries in its vast wilderness territories.

3. Colombia: an urban cyclist’s haven

One of the most interesting things about the capital city of Bogota is that this metropolis has the most extensive lanes for bicycle riders. There is no other place in the world where cyclists are allowed more liberty to circle the city anywhere than in Colombia. It has surpassed Scotland and Australia in this particular category.

4. Why is Colombia a haven for the ornithologists?

Colombia has the largest variety of bird species in the world and it is one of the most interesting places for bird watchers to visit. There are a total of 1,897 bird species in Colombia alone. Peru comes in second place with a total of 1,881 species. If there is any place on earth for one to study the feathered airborne creatures, Colombia would be ideal.

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