Top Reasons To Visit Medellin

One of the top reasons to visit Medellin these days is that the city is much safer than it used to be. Two decades ago, help travelling to the Colombian city was highly discouraged. And while it still isn’t encouraged today, here more people go there each year. If you’re not convinced otherwise, below are all the good reasons for traveling to Medellin, Colombia.

Medellín Skyline, Colombia

Medellín Skyline, Colombia

1. Medellin is “the city of Eternal Spring” because it has good weather all year round. Its pleasant weather implicates two things. One is that you can travel to Medellin no matter what time it is of the year. Another is that while in the city, you can visit its attractions without having to worry about the weather or how it will ruin your plans. A perfect climate is one of the top reasons to visit Medellin.

2. Transportation is cheap and fast. Unlike Bogotá, a Colombian city with an unorganized transportation system, the Medellin grid is quite impressive. It helps locals and tourists alike get around easily. The city also has a wide range of means for transportation including the Metro, Metroplus, taxis, and buses. Traveling with a bike or rental car is also possible. Transportation in Medellin is cheap by any standards, allowing you to stretch your budget for other things.

3. Each neighborhood has something to offer. Prado for instance is an upscale filled with beautiful, historic houses. El Poblado is equally upscale but rather than old houses, it is where all the hippest bars, clubs, and restaurants can be found. Modern buildings also abound here. However, the most cultural experiences are in middle-class neighborhoods like Estadio, Laureles, and Suramericana. These neighborhoods have Salsa clubs and venues for Colombian dancing.

4. Medellin is safer now. Travel warnings issued by the U.S. have not been lifted yet but compared to twenty years ago, it has definitely improved. The safer atmosphere surrounding the city is one of the top reasons to visit Medellin, Colombia. Even so, walking around at night and traveling to poor neighborhoods is ill-advised.

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