Top Reasons To Visit Peru

Ruins of the Inca Empire are included in the top reasons to visit Peru. Despite this fascinating aspect about Peru, they are not its only attractions. The country is blessed with so much natural beauty, culture, and history that will make you want to go there.

Of course, the Pre-Columbian ruins still claim the top spot when digging for reasons to travel to Peru. The most prominent of which is Machu Picchu but there are several more scattered in Cusco, an old Inca capital. The best pre-Coloumbian sites in Peru include the Nazca Lines, the ruins of Saqsaywamán and Moche, Kuelap fortress, and the ancient tombs near Chiclayo.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu

Peruvian food is another one to include on the list. While not globally-renowned, local cuisine is one of the top reasons to visit Peru. The best meal you can have is a ceviche which consists of raw seafood marinated in lime. More traditional delicacies include the alpaca steak, a roasted guinea pig known to locals as cuy, and snacks wrapped in leaves such as humitas, juanes, and tamales.

The geographic diversity of Peru is also remarkable. It features coastal areas, jungles, as well as highlands. A 14-hour bus ride is more than enough to see all three landscapes in Peru. Because of this diversity, tourists can enjoy outdoor activities during their visit. Trekking seems to be the most popular. Casual hikers and experienced trekkers will find trails leading to Machu Picchu, the Andes Mountains, Colca Canyon, Cordillera Blanka, and the Peruvian lot of the Amazon. Travellers seeking more adventurous activities won’t be disappointed either. Paragliding, sand-boarding, dune buggy rides, rock and ice climbing, river running, and surfing are among the top reasons to visit Peru.

Uros floating island on Lake Titicaca

Uros floating island on Lake Titicaca

To top it all off, Peru has a diverse wildlife. You can witness this in any of the natural parks and sanctuaries spread throughout the country. Among the must-see nature reserves in Peru are Manú National Park, Tingo Maria National Park, Huascarán National Park, Paracas National Reserve, and Titicaca National Reserve.


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