Top Reasons To Visit Bogotá

Colombia is now safer for traveling, adding to the list of top reasons to visit Bogotá. But there are many more reasons as to why you should visit the city. Bogotá for instance, is a large city and therefore has plenty to offer. Below are several more reasons for traveling to this Colombian territory.

Bogotá, Distrito Capital

Bogotá, Distrito Capital

First of all, the sheer size of Bogotá alone should be enough reason to visit the city. Its massive land area means that it has more tourist attractions than smaller Colombian cities. As a matter of fact, New York and Mexico City are the only two North American cities larger than Bogotá. Not only is Bogotá large, it also happens to be a highly urban city. When Bogotá’s economical, cultural, and political status is taken into consideration, it may ranks with the likes of Buenos Aires, Berlin, Dubai, San Francisco, and Washington DC.

Despite being classified as a thriving, world-class urban destination, Bogotá still has close ties with its past and history. The healthy balance of historical and modern attractions is one of the top reasons to visit Bogotá. You will often find century-old squares called plazas with old buildings and churches around them. And yet these old, charming places reminiscent of the country’s colonial past are surrounded by skyscrapers and modern architecture.

Exposure to European and North American influences further created diversity in Bogotá city, particularly its cuisine and culture. You can grab traditional Colombian dishes in certain restaurants as well as international cuisine from others.

Getting around Bogotá used to be more challenging and tourist attractions were hard to find. In recent years however, this has changed drastically. Now that attractions are easier to find, you have more top reasons to visit Bogotá. The city’s water is surprisingly potable too, giving you more reason to travel to this city. Staying healthy is pretty easy since tropical diseases are totally absent in Bogotá thanks to its high altitude.

East Hills of Bogota

East Hills of Bogota

Staying safe is quite easy too as long as you stick to the basics. You want to avoid poor neighborhoods, wearing flashy clothes, and carrying expensive items. Always maintain a low profile. Calling for a cab using a phone is also recommended compared to hailing one on the streets.



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