Top Reasons To Visit Boa Vista, Brazil

There are many top reasons to visit Boa Vista, viagra 40mg Brazil to point out if you are planning to spend a few days there. And if the interpretation of its name would suggest anything about the place, you’re bound to see stunning attractions as it literally means “Nice View”. Boa Vista is the capital of the state of Roraima, situated on the west bank of River Blanco. It is close to the Venezuelan border of Brazil. And as expected of its equatorial location, this place sports a very tropical climate, with average temperatures being 30°C and annual rainfall at 2000 mm, which allows its rainforests to thrive. But what sets this region apart from the rest of the destinations in the country is that its highlights are more focused on infrastructure. So you can expect less beach and more buildings in your local tour.

Orla Taumanan Park

Orla Taumanan Park

One of the top reasons to visit Boa Vista, Brazil is the Anaua Park, which is practically the biggest in the northern region. It is about 2.5 kilometers northwest of the center of the city and provides folks with a number of recreational options such as an amphitheater and a cart racing facility, to name a few. And there are also several gardens, a lake, as well as a museum in the vicinity, the Museu Integrado de Roraime, which displays informative details about the state’s wildlife, history, indigenous community and archeology.

And then, there’s the Ayrton Senna complex, named after famous Brazilian race car driver Ayrton Senna, which consists of a public square, a water show area, a statue commemorating the 21st century (the Millennium portal) and the newest and largest plazas in the complex – Praca das Artes. There are also numerous colonial buildings within the vicinity that would shed light to a significant portion of local history. One of the popular structures in the area is Fort Sao Joaquin, a Portuguese stronghold which was used by the English and Spanish as a pit stop in their search for the legendary city of El Dorado.

With that said, it’s obvious that there are also amazing ecotourism highlights within this place that would satisfy the craving of any nature-loving guest. To begin with, there’s Monte Caburai on the northern point of Brazil. And here, people can indulge in white water rafting rides as well as hike up to one of the areas prettiest waterfalls, the Gara Gara.

Also, there is the biological reserve of Ilha de Maraca which presents a beautiful contrast between the nation’s Amazonian forest and the open savannah, and some of the other top reasons to visit Boa Vista, Brazil – its endangered animal species, namely the tapir, ariranha and guariba. And off coast is Maraca Island where visitors get to see red wolves and buffaloes as well as take part in a unique beach experience on Boca do Inferno, a dark-colored coastline, which is separated from the main island by a difficult clef known as the Igarape do Inferno.


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