Traveling to South America can be an excellent adventure.  There are so many things to see and so much variation of cultures throughout every country.  There are still hidden gems throughout the region in Paraguay and even the The Guiana’s that most people don’t know about.  Here are the top cities to visit in South America.

Buenos Aires, Argentina:

pictures of buenos aires, pictures of argentina

The Paris of South is an amazing place to visit and see.  The capital of Argentina is a combination of new cosmopolitan with old world Europe.  You can find almost anything that your heart desires in the city.  The nightlife is amazing to visit but be warned its not easy to start a party at 2 am and finish at 8am everyday.  For the art lovers you have great culture and museums in the city as well.  Definitely at the top of the list.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil:

Jesus Statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

There aren’t many places in the world like Rio de Janeiro.  The massive city in Brazil is one of the most unique in the world and also one of the most visited in all of South America.  The city can offer you something that Buenos Aires doesn’t, beaches!  The beautiful people of Rio de Janeiro are very welcoming and are accustomed to tourists.  Don’t let people tell you that its still dangerous either.  Rio still has a bad reputation for being dangerous when it actually isn’t.

Medellin, Colombia:

pictures of medellin, pictures of colombia, biblioteca espaan
Espana Library in Medellin, Colombia

Medellin, Colombia is one of our favorite cities on the list.  What the city lacks in tourist attractions it makes up with culture.  The people of Medellin are extremely open to others and love to have a good time.  If you are interested in nightlife you will certainly love the party in Medellin.  There is great Colombian food throughout the city and very unique things to see like the library above.  Make sure to both start and end in Medellin, Colombia.  You certainly won’t regret it!

Cartagena, Colombia:

cartagena colombia, cartagena, picture of cartagena
Picture of the old city in Cartagena, Colombia

One of the most romantic cities in Latin America, Colombia is the only country to have two cities on the list.  Cartagena is so unique to any place in all of Latin America.  The city could easily become the largest tourist attraction in all of South America.  You will fall in love with the old colonial architecture and the charm you will find on the streets.  One thing that you won’t love is the unbearable heat.  If you are going to visit  Cartagena make sure to bring plenty of water and sun protection.

Cuzco, Peru:

Picture of one of the sights in Pertu
Picture of one of the sights in Pertu

Cuzco is one of the most popular cities to visit in Peru even though its not the capital.  The city gives you access to Machu Pichu which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of South America.  Cuzco is known for having great Peruvian culture and a great hang out spot for all kinds of visitors.  If you don’t stop by Cuzco when you are in Peru then you are missing out!

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