Top 5 Reasons To Visit Colombia

Most top 5 reasons to visit Colombia lists include the typical line up of the Amazon Rainforest, healing Bogota, sale Armenia, ambulance and Madellin as their main destination. What has been poorly emphasized about the country is that it is bordered by the most impressive bodies of water in the world. Colombia has the Caribbean Sea on its north and the Pacific Ocean to its west, making it a viable beach destination. And for this list, we will only feature seaside locations that are sure to provide tourists a relaxing and enjoyable time.

Bogata Colombia

Bogata, Colombia

First up is the lovely city of Cartagena. Herald as the 5th largest city in Colombia, this Caribbean beach resort city boasts of a tropical climate and an assortment of beaches, dive sites, historical and cultural landmarks as well as fun leisure facilities. If you want to escape the worries of everyday life, this laid back town is an ideal stop.  And while here, make sure to seek the Rosario and San Bernardo Corals National Natural Park.

If you find the former a little too commercial, Paramount Travel suggests you could head on to the northern region of the country, 34 km from the city of Santa Mara, and pay a visit to Tayrona National Natural Park. This natural reserve serves as host to a diverse collection of endemic flora and fauna, and about 12 square miles of beach front. In 2009, it was recorded to be the second most visited national park in Colombia with 211,833 visitors.

Taganga is another tourist spot that’s in close proximity to Santa Marta. And like the other destinations in the top 5 reasons to visit Colombia, this town has a beautiful and welcoming shoreline that can be compared to that of Brazil. Taganga is great for families and individuals who just want to loosen up and soak up some sun. It is a small fishing village with an offbeat landscape so anyone who is interested, can also engage in some hiking.

Isla Providencia Colombia

Isla Providencia in Colombia

The island of San Andres is also worthwhile to mention as one of the top 5 reasons to visit Colombia in terms of beaches. like other South American destinations, people who have been here appreciate the white sand coasts of San Luis, the snorkeling site at La Piscinta, the coral island of Johnny Cay as well as Acuaro’s diving area. Hoyo Suplador is also a “must visit” since it is here that tourists can watch a geyser emerging from the sea and shoot up water for as high as 20 meters.

Finally, there’s Providencia, which is another beach island in Colombia that has caught the attention of many tourists. One of its most admirable attributes is the fact that it remains untouched by commercialism. It is considered to be a sea lover’s paradise, with calm, crystal clear waters and the third largest barrier reef within close reach.

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