Top 5 Reasons To Visit Chile

There are many things to qualify as the top 5 reasons to visit Chile given the beauty and splendor of this proud South American country. But if an experienced local traveler were to point out the best features about the place, physician here are the destinations he would most likely recommend to tourists all around the world.

Parinacota Volcano

Parinacota Volcano, order northern Chile Los Pinguinos Natural Monument

Los Pinguinos Natural Monument – Located on the Island of Magdalena, viagra this particular site serves as home to more than 120,000 Magellanic penguins. And they are considered to be the largest colony there is in southern Chile. Paramount Travel recommends that you drop by every September or October to welcome these birds as they migrate here and find their partner. Mating season usually ends by March.

San Rafael Glacier – This humongous glacier that rests on the cusps of the Laguna San Rafael provides people the unique and breath-taking experience of being in the midst of a sea of ice. When they arrive, tourists are treated a boat ride across this 15 km stretch of isolation so they can marvel at one of nature’s most mysterious creations. According to experts, the San Rafael Glacier is slowly disappearing from Chile, which borders Argentina, due to global warming. With this reality, everyone is encouraged to pay it a visit at least once in their lifetime before it is too late.

Valle de la Luna – From one deserted landscape to another, the Valle de la Luna offers visitors impressive sand and stone formations that were carved by years of winds and flooding. It also boasts of dry lakes and saline outcrops that look like man-made sculptures. It might not be much as a destination to feature in the top 5 reasons to visit Chile, South America. But if you are dreaming of going to outer space, this is the closest thing you are going to get without spending too much. Considered one of the driest places on earth, the valley actually is reminiscent to that of the moon’s terrain, to which it owes its name.

Beagle Channel Glacier

Pucon – If you are tired of sight-seeing and would just like to relax, you could head on to the small town of Pucon, located at the southern Lake District of Chile. This welcoming body of water that rests beside an imposing volcano provides newcomers and locals a great venue for recreational activities like white water skiing and kayaking. There are also natural hot springs in the vicinity if you want release some tension and toxins.

Easter Islands – Nothing beats this site when it comes to mystery and allure. So if you are looking to have a fulfilling trip, make sure not to miss this final entry to the top 5 reasons to visit Chile. Nestled within the southeastern Pacific Ocean, this small paradise accommodates 887 extant monumental statues (moai) created by early settlers called the Rapanui people, as well as numerous beaches, exhilarating diving areas as well as two volcanic craters.

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