Top 5 Reasons To Visit Brazil

Brazil is no ordinary South American country. And if its reputation in football has not made it clear, cheap it is an overachiever in many respects. This is why it receives millions of visitors per year, prescription in increasing trends. In 2004, the country saw a flood of 5,017,000 tourists arrive in their airport. By 2008, it was 5,050,000. In 2010, the numbers grew to 5,161,000. And the local government expects it to continue this way given these top 5 reasons to visit Brazil.  If you’re planning to visit Brazil, make sure you book your hotel accommodation in advance. That way when your flight lands, you can start exploring one of the many wonders this country has to offer

Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Pão de Açúcar in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

a. Rio de Janeiro. This is just the country’s second largest city and one of the favorites mentioned on Paramount Travel. But it already offers tourists a chance to indulge in the best of what Brazil can offer in terms of social activities (parachuting in Sao Conrado, Rio’s very own Carnaval), natural sights (Tijuca Forest) landmarks (Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf, and the Marcana stadium) and beaches (Ipanema, Copacabana, and Leblon).

b. Sao Paulo. Of course, what Brazil vacation experience would be complete without swinging by its largest capital, and seeing all the impressive things it has to offer? Unlike Rio, this South American metropolis contribution to tourism is largely cultural and economic. So those visiting can partake in any of its high profile events (Sao Paulo Art Biennial, Sao Paulo Fashion Week, or the Sao Paulo Gay Pride Parade) or drop by Paulista Avenue, its most important financial center, and make a few lucrative investments.

c. Manaus. This capital state of the Amazonas serves as one of the hosts of the second largest river and the biggest rainforest in the world (the Amazon River and rainforest). So it is not surprising for it to be part of the top 5 reasons to visit Brazil. But more than that, it also hosts other beautiful bodies of water (Tupe Beach and Paricatuba Waterfalls). And it is also here you will see the natural phenomenon of Solimonoes River’s muddy water and Negro River’s dark water running side by side, without mixing.

Iguazu National Park Falls

Iguazu Falls Park in Iguazu National Park

d. Igazu National Park. This tourist attraction features 275 cascading waterfalls that divide the Igazu River to upper and lower parts. It is found in the border state of Parana and is shared with the Argentine state of Misiones. According to legends, the falls was created out of spite by a god whose bride-to-be fled with her mortal lover on a canoe. When he found out, he sliced the river and condemned them both to an eternal fall.

e. Florianopolis. This final entry to the top 5 reasons to visit Brazil is perfect for those who desire to have a luxurious beach getaway with a loved one. Florianopolis is the capital of the Santa Catarina group of islands and is known for its high quality lifestyle. The city has 42 beaches, with their own respective resorts, and a booming surfing community. And it was herald as the “Party Destination of the Year” in 2009 by the New York Post.


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