Exciting Capital Cities to Visit This Year

So here we are at the beginning of another year, 360 days or so of endless possibility in front of us and if you are anything like me then you will have already been making, or already made,  your travel plans for 2017.

I not only love to travel to well trodden places, the cities and towns that have captured my heart of the year but also to new and exciting cities which I haven’t yet traveled. Today I want to talk about some capita cities which I just adore and hopefully you will feel inspired to visit them if you haven’t done so already.



The capital of Indonesia is a richly diverse and bustling city which offers tourists a little bit of everything and I like to refer to Jakarta as a city of contrast and constant re-invention. To witness the colonial past of Jakarta you could head to the areas of Glodok and Kota or Chinatown where the architecture and the food influences still hold their old charm. To see the modern side of the city, the side which Indonesia wants to show to the World then head to Merdeka Square where you will see the business and higher class culture that the city offers. To get around the city then a great option is to hire a private car which can zip you around all angles of this wonderfully diverse city.

Mexico City

Locally known as D.F. the capital of Mexico is one of the biggest cities on the planet and thanks to heavy investment in the last 15-20 years, it has a booming tourist industry and many ex-pats now call it their home. Mexico City is a cosmopolitan and happening city which perfectly blends its culinary and archeological traditions with ultra-modern and technological installations. The streets are adorned with stalls selling local foods such as Tacos, Huaraches and Tlacoyos and behind the scenes are some of the finest restaurants in the Americas. The city has over 150 museums, more than any other city in the World and throughout the city you will find numerous parks old towns, streets filled with character and regular festivities.


There aren’t many cities in the World where you can go skiing in the mountains of a morning and then take a dip in the sea and relax on the beach on the afternoon and in Santiago you can do exactly that. The surrounding areas of Santiago is made of beautiful hills and forest areas which surround two fast-flowing rivers, and of course the swooping backdrop of the glorious Andes mountain range. Within the city you will find an almost European style culture with a dedicated tourist area filled with coffee shops, bars and trendy restaurants. Elsewhere in the city you can indulge in Santiago’s history with 19th Century style buildings and open plazas where you will find the true Chilean heartbeat of the city, local foods, lively music and friendly locals. Santiago is a great place to spend your vacations this year if you want to enjoy a lively capital that offers something altogether different from the norm.


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