Do You Have South America on Your Mind?

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treatment serif”>Given all the euphoria of the recent 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, don’t be shocked if more tourists are thinking about including Brazil and other parts of South America in their upcoming travel plans.

As the American summer begins to wind down, summer (even though it is technically winter there) in Brazil and other areas of South America is not too far down the road.

If you are looking to get a brief break this coming winter from cold weather in many portions of the U.S., Brazil or other parts south may be just what you are looking for.

That said do you have South America on your mind?

Head South for Sun and Fun

So, does a vacation in Brazil or somewhere else warm this winter sound like some fun?

If that’s the case, don’t sit around waiting until the last man to plan such an excursion.

For those who live in places like Michigan, Minnesota, Maine and other cold weather locales in the wintertime, it may seem at times like one will not see temperatures above 30 degrees for a month or two. When you couple that with possibility of snow and/or ice on a regular basis from about December to early March, well, you can understand why some people would certainly want to get away from it all for a time.

In order to get your warm weather destination all set up, start by doing some research as to when temperatures south of the U.S. will be their warmest. For instance, February is typically the warmest month in Brazil, so going there then would certainly get you out of the grips of Old Man Winter for a period of time.

On the flip side, going to Brazil then will mean dealing with a fair amount of people, especially since the well-known Brazilian Carnival is held each February for a week.

If you are not all that big on crowded cities or beaches, you could consider a trip into the famed Amazon. From hiking to taking a canoe down the river and much more, you will have plenty to see and experience.

In the event you are not keen on being in a jungle area, there are of course the previously mentioned beaches.

South America is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, so don’t miss out on such experiences.

You can visit the likes of Ipanema Beach, Brazil, Carilo, Argentina; Anakena Beach (Easter Island), Chile; Mancora Beach, Peru and many others.

Flying or Cruising to Fun

Getting to Brazil and other parts of South America does not have to be all that difficult, especially if you plan things out well in advance.

If you are flying there, make sure you search around (travel companies, Internet etc.) for the best deals going.

As it typically stands, the earlier you make your airline reservations, the better you will do in terms of saving some money.

If you feel like flying from say Chicago to Rio is too long a flight for you (approximately 11 hours non-stop), you could break up some of that portion of the trip and stay overnight elsewhere. This could mean doing a little sightseeing for a day or so, and then continue on your way to Rio.

On the other hand, traveling by cruise ships may sound more appealing, though you are obviously looking at more time needed to reach your final destination.

Just as with airlines and hotels, don’t wait until the last minute to try and book a reservation on a cruise ship, especially when headed to warm-weather destinations. As the U.S. experiences its wintertime season, many people (including those from Europe and other locales where winters can be tough) will also have the same idea in mind.

Finally, stopping off in several ports (and countries) is probably the best way to get your money’s worth, so keep that idea in mind.

If you are going to cruise for such a long distance, you might as well see as much as possible along the way.

In the event you have South America on your mind this winter or anytime for that matter, start your planning today.

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