Top Tourist Attractions In Antioquia, Colombia

Your Colombia holiday getaway will never be complete without stopping by and admiring the top tourist attractions in Antioquia.  Situated in the northwest area of Colombia, order this department is lush with spectacular views of the Western and Central mountain ranges, online plateaus, forests, rivers and valleys, beaches and cosmopolitan cities like its capital, Medellin. There are multiple airports in this large area, but the easiest to fly into will be either of the two airports in Medellin. You can check for flights using a

There is something for everyone in Antioquia.  Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Antioquia not to miss as well as some more info about Colombia which will be helpful to know before traveling there.

scenery in antioquia

For the love of art

In the center of the “City of Eternal Spring”, Medellin (Antioquia’s capital and second largest city in Colombia following Bogota), you will find a plaza dedicated to the art works of artist Fernando Botero.  Surround yourself with massive Botero sculptures while taking a stroll, or sipping Colombian coffee in the Botero Café.

Within Botero city, you can also find the New Museum of Antioquia, which houses the famous works of Antioquia’s best artists among other artefacts.

Cable Cars

Marvel at the splendour of Antioquia while suspended thousands of feet above the ground on a cable car, one of the top tourist attractions in Antioquia.  You can either hop in the Metrocables in Medellin, or admire the idyllic small towns of Antioquia on one of the countryside cable cars. There are multiple cable car systems in the actual city of Medellin which are believe it or not, public transportation. The city rests in a valley so many residents live on the steep hillsides and the fastest, and cheapest, way to get to their homes is via the cable car system.

Santa Fe de Antioquia

Also known as the “Cradle of Antioquia”, Santa Fe de Antioquia was the former capital of the Antioquia department from 1584 until 1826.

A walk in the cobblestoned streets of Santa Fe de Antioquia is like being taken back in time, with its colonial architecture complete with a rustic backdrop.  Highlights of the municipality include the Puente de Occidente, La Casa de las Dos Palmas, and the volcano La Sapera.

Piedra del Peñol

Take the 649 step climb to the top of this massive rock formation to marvel at the beauty of the Guatape dam.

Las Orquídeas National Park

Located in the municipalities of Frontino Abriaqui Urrao and the Cordillera Occidental, the Orchid National Park is home to a melange of local flora and fauna.  Admire the various species of orchids, as well as the local wildlife in the national park.

Highlights in this destination include Muyinga and the La Playa Larga (Long Beach sector).


Lounge by one of the pristine beaches and admire the spectacular sunsets in Necocli, one of the oldest towns in Colombia, situated in the Caribbean coasts of the country.


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