Best Time To Visit Argentina

Geography is one of the first general categories of information worth exploring when trying to know the best time to visit Argentina. It is important to take note that this country is located in the southernmost parts of South America. This means their weather patterns are much different than the countries located in the northern hemisphere. One could gain an upper hand in experiencing a fun-filled vacation in Argentina by knowing about the weather in that country in a particular month of the year. After all, seek weather affects our physiology and our mood greatly. Knowing the seasons in Argentina could enable tourists to make a detailed itinerary on where to spend their vacations. There are certain seasons that are crowded or virtually abandoned in certain areas of the country. Apart from the rainforest fringes around the northern areas of Argentina, online the entire country is located around the Temperate Zone, viagra 60mg characterized by cool dry weather in the south and warmer humid air around the center.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

1. When to go to Buenos Aires

People would immediately consider the capital city as the main reference for foreign tourists. The ideal weather for travelers to stay in Buenos Aires is fall and spring. These seasons are characterized by its mild temperature, something quite ideal in an urban environment. Spring occurs around the months September to November. Autumn occurs around March to May. Do not forget to mark these months as important dates for the best time to visit Argentina, particularly the national capital region.

2. When to go to Argentina’s beaches

Argentina’s beaches are another of the nation’s popular attractions, although quite a unique one knowing that the country is nestled by highlands and vast pastoral territories. As always, the best time to visit Argentina in terms of having a nice beach vacation is the same time for all beaches everywhere. Summer and beaches are inseparable ideas altogether, like spoon and fork. One should watch out for the months of December, January, February and March in order to plan for your Argentinian beach holiday. It is always important to expect resort towns packed with tourists, both local and foreign ones around these months.

3. When to go to Patagonia

Patagonia is a very well-known region not only in Argentina. In fact, these mountain ranges are the South American equivalent of Rocky Mountains (USA), Himalayas (Central Asia) and Pyrenees (Europe). Patagonia links together several other South American countries like Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia. If there is one characteristic that all the cited mountain ranges have in common, it’s that they are all very cold. These highlands are best trekked around summer season, where the frigid climate is less hostile.

4. When to go to Iguazu Nature Preserve

While the winter months of June to August are best avoided in Patagonian itinerary, they are best seasons to visit the northern jungles of Iguazu. The rains and heat are very atrocious in this deeply wooded tropical area. Winter is better because of dryness and lack of heat.

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