Top Reasons To Visit Vanuatu

The top reasons to visit Vanuatu may have been shared briefly by shows like Survivor. But there is definitely more to this country than what has been highlighted. Vanuatu is an island nation that is located in the southern part Pacific Ocean. And like many of its neighboring islands, it is volcanic of origin. Originally, this area was ruled over by multiple colonizing countries – Spain, France and the United Kingdom. But in 1906, all of them agreed to jointly manage the archipelago. It was only during the 1980s when Vanuatu finally gained its independence. And from then on, it has managed to forge its own identity, which it has successfully showcased through tourism efforts.

Mbaravit Beach on east coast of Gaua Island, Vanautu

Mbaravit Beach on east coast of Gaua Island, Vanautu

But there’s no denying that one of the top reasons to visit Vanuatu has always been its stunning and opulent landscape which features pristine coastlines, impressive bodies of water, challenging landforms as well as a diverse collection of flora and fauna. The province of Torba alone has a number of great destinations you and your friends can head of to for that memorable summer excursion. Gaua is part of the Banks group of islands which belong to the Torba region. And it has a 797 meter volcano that thrill seekers can climb, a crater lake (Lake Letas) – the largest in Vanuatu – which you can swim in, and a spectacular 120 meter waterfall to the east that your group can trek to. If you all could afford a helicopter ride around the other provinces in the country, you’d be amazed at the active volcanoes and wildlife sceneries you get to witness from an aerial view.

Boiling lava in Marum crater, Ambrym

Boiling lava in Marum crater, Ambrym

To complement your day out in any of the islands, you could then indulge in the second of the top reasons to visit Vanuatu, its food servings – which surprisingly are not as exotic as one would assume. Lap-lap is a dish made out of a root vegetable (kasava, sweet potato, yam or taro), shaved in with island cabbage and topped with a chicken wing. It is usually wrapped in a banana leaf and cooked on top of hot stones until they all melt together into a cake. Tuluk is another delicious native fare wherein all the aforementioned ingredients are rolled into a cylinder. And instead of chicken, meat is used. And everything comes out like a sausage roll. Finally, there’s the Vanuatu steak, which is world renowned and naturally grown. Eating this dish from the country is pretty much like eating premium beef abroad since these are also widely imported because of its quality.

Other great aspects of Vanuatu that you should check out is the Titanic wreckage, the primitive villages and ceremonial celebrations in Malekula, the cave attractions and resorts in Port Vila as well as the giant Banyan tree in Tanna.


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