Top Reasons To Visit Tonga

The top reasons to visit Tonga are attractions you should not miss in your lifetime. Located in the rich and sometimes brutal setting of the Pacific Ocean, this country has been among the few in the world that was able to avoid formal colonization. And as such, it was able to preserve its native heritage, in spite being separated by sea. Tonga became largely known to the Western World as the “Friendly Islands” because of the accounts of Captain James Cook, who landed on its shores in 1773.

Nuku Island in the southern part of the Vavaʻu Islands, Tonga

Nuku Island in the southern part of the Vavaʻu Islands, Tonga

But this reputation is more representative of the country’s demeanor towards tourists today that it was back then, as chieftains originally had planned to kill Cook but could not agree on a plan. With the 176 islands it encompasses, the country will be more than capable to cater to your vacation needs. But to help you figure out your destination, here are a few site suggestions you could consider visiting.

One of the top reasons to visit Tonga is whale watching. So make sure you list down the region of Vava’u in your itinerary since this area attracts hundreds of humpback whales yearly, between June and November. Vava’u is actually a collection of 50 islands that used to be famous for being a premium yachting destination. However, in recent years, it has also been developed as a wildlife encounter site, with the discovery of whale migratory patterns. After a morning of chasing these majestic creatures, you can then opt to head on to Neiafu, which is its main town, and then do some kite surfing, game fishing and kayaking if you want.

Now, Ha’apai is also a plausible pit stop if you wish to indulge in some whale watching. But what most people appreciate about this place is its collection of coral reefs and marine biodiversity. And so, those who do get here, take advantage of the opportunity to go snorkeling and diving. Ha’apai is composed of 60 islands, majority of them being volcanic. So you also have the option of engaging in some land-based adventures like mountain climbing and crater jumping. If that’s too extreme though, you could just head on down to Uiha, which is part of the Ha’apai group , and explore the ancient monuments and burial grounds hidden within its territory.

Eua is another region that you must also look into, especially if you wish to go trekking. It has the largest rain forest in the country and several unexplored cave systems that should make up for an exciting time. And it is also the only island that has a river so you can also count on a thrilling rafting experience when you’re here with your peers.

The eastern side of the island of Eua in Tonga is known as 'Eua National Park'.

The eastern side of the island of Eua in Tonga is known as ‘Eua National Park’.

As far as accommodations go, Tonga extends tourists the upside of being able to choose between luxurious hotels or budget-friendly rentals. Hence, you do not have to worry about running short on cash. The dining and party amenities are also abundant. And anywhere you go, you’d be able to find yourself something worthwhile to do and see. This is what makes the top reasons to visit Tonga incomparable to other top vacation spots. And it is also what should convince you to book a flight this summer.


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