The Ten Best Places To Visit In New Zealand

Rolling hills and lush green pastures are typical of New Zealand but it has a diversity of sceneries waiting to be discovered. Wild rivers, recipe steep ravines, shop jagged mountains, calm lakes, and active volcanoes are all in the midst of this island country. Not many tourists know of these hidden treasures, but that’s what makes New Zealand special. In order to see the best that New Zealand has to offer, we’ve prepared a list of the ten best tourist spots in the country. They are among the top reasons to visit New Zealand.

New Zealand scenery

The northern island of New Zealand has a total of five must-see places including Auckland, the Bay of Plenty, Rotorua, Taupo, and Wellington. Auckland is the most popular of the five. Known as the country’s largest city, Auckland offers plenty of things to do. Tour packages, restaurants, and shops are readily accessible to tourists. The Bay of Plenty is not that far from Auckland and you can just secure an Auckland car rental and drive there yourself. Here you will find many great beaches. The Kiwi fruit is also grown in massive numbers at this part of the country, but one attraction you should never miss while there is the White Island Volcano.

Rotorua is another must-see city in New Zealand. It has a romantic, serene lake and thermal hot spots to keep you warm and refreshed. The Maori culture continues to thrive here, making Rotorua a fascinating destination. Taupo which is an hour away from Rotorua also has a beautiful lake and thermal areas. Extreme sports and tours are some of the most fun things to do in Taupo but you can also go fishing or spend your day at Tongariro National Park.

Finally we have Wellington on the northern side of New Zealand. It has the same luxuries and comforts offered by Auckland. As the capital, you should expect better from the city. It is the second largest in the country.

Down south you will find five more must-see places – Christchurch, Queenstown, Te Anau, The Glaciers, and Wanaka. The city of Christchurch is the biggest city in southern New Zealand. It has the main square and botanical gardens as its main attractions. Queenstown is quite popular among tourists and is said to be the most beautiful city in this side of the country. Activities ranging from mild to extremes will engage you during your stay in Queensland.

If you want to see stunning fjords, you should head over to Te Anau. If you want to relax, you should go to Wanaka instead. The city has lakes and mountain which allow for outdoor activities. The Glaciers of New Zealand must never be missed as well because they are truly breath-taking. Keep your eyes open for the Franz Joseph Glacier, one of the country’s top tourist destinations.

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