Free Things To Do In New Zealand

Thrill seekers and adventurers will find New Zealand an expensive country to travel to. As the world’s ultimate destination for adrenaline pumping feats, rx tourists spend most of their travel money on New Zealand adventures. But if you’re looking forward to extending your stay in the country, search you might as well indulge in free things to do. Free things to do in New Zealand are a lifesaver for every traveler’s budget.

Experienced hikers can climb up the summit of Mt. Maunganui which is locally known as Mauao. It is a dormant volcano towering over white sand beaches and the Tauranga Harbour at 232 meters. It is the ancestral home of the Maori tribe and presently the haven of exotic flora and fauna. It’s free to climb Mt. Maunganui and the view you can get when you reach the top is priceless.

The Muriwai Beach at Auckland is also one of the country’s open and free tourist attractions. Here, you can spot a large gannet colony. The gannets start arriving at the Muriwai Beach sometime in July for their mating season. By December, you can already see chicks clamoring for food while their parents dive into the seawater to provide them fish. At springtime, the gannets are often spotted resting along the coastline. A nearby attraction is the Oaia Island where you can see fur seals all year long.

Another free thing to do in New Zealand would be to spend the day at Hot Water Beach located at the Coromandel Peninsula. The hot waters of this beach are made possible by the reservoirs of superheated water underneath the ground. These reservoirs release up to 15 liters a minute of heated water. You can create a natural spa by digging a hole along the shoreline an hour before low tide.

Last but not the least are the Fox and Franz Joseph Glaciers situated at the West Coast of South Island. These two are among the world’s most accessible glaciers. It’s amazing that New Zealand doesn’t charge tourists to marvel at these grandiose masses of ice.  Look into New Zealand holiday packages for all the best things to see in the region.  Many times tour companies can give you access to places that you wouldn’t normally have and give you great information of things to do in the New Zealand.

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  1. escapist
    October 28, 2014 at 3:04 am #

    I think it’s always great to discover those “best free things” that are always there, yet we still omit them, hunting for things that cost us money.
    Of course, the best things in life are free…
    The beach, the views, the architecture, the vehicles on the streets…

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