Why Picking the Right Hotel is so Important for a Business Trip in Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona is a growing hub for commerce in the Southwest. It is becoming well-known for offering great opportunities for those business travelers. Over the last few decades, travel agents, airlines, and cruise lines have made it their home. While it may be in the middle of the desert, it’s a surprisingly great city to do business in.

Did you know that there are more daytime hours in Scottsdale than anywhere else within the United States? People, surprise-surprise, actually love nice weather, making this a big reason why it’s such a hot destination.

Here are a few tips and thoughts on finding a great hotel to use as a home base for business in Scottsdale.

The first step to planning a successful business trip, choosing the right hotel.

In order to have a solid foundation for a successful business trip to Scottsdale, Arizona you’ll want to be able to have the right hotel that provides exactly what you need. Sure, comfortable beds and a great breakfast to start the day are nice things to have, but that’s not all you should be looking at. You want to make sure it provides you with the resources you need to conduct business from the room too.

These include stable internet at the fastest speeds possible, meeting rooms, business centers, ability to fax, and much more.

Don’t forget to embrace the business amenities offered at many luxury spa resorts.

The top luxury spa resorts in Scottsdale, AZ offer many of the said business amenities we covered in the last section. The benefit of going with a more upscale hotel is that they will also offer amenities that make traveling, in general, nicer. These include good on-site food and drink options, a well-equipped fitness center, and some spa services to relax.

All these services and more are offered by the Andaz Scottsdale Resort & Bungalows, making it a surprisingly popular choice for traveling businesspeople. It’s a common destination for both brief trips and long-term stays. With the breathtaking view of the Camelback Mountains and eclectic, well-appointed rooms, it’s just a pleasure to stay at the Andaz.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, get on the way to Scottsdale.

Make a list of the opportunities to conduct business in Scottsdale, your lodging options, and don’t forget to add some fun into the mix. There are many things to do and it doesn’t have to be all work and no fun. If you budget your time well and stay productive, you should be able to squeeze in at least one afternoon or evening of events.

If you need a shuttle to the hotel from the airport, there are luxury spa resorts like the one mentioned before that will be more than happy to provide you with transportation. This is a benefit that you should look at, especially if you don’t rent a vehicle during your stay in Scottsdale and want to avoid an expensive Uber or taxi from the airport.

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