Where to Take the Family for an Unforgettable Vacation

Universal Studios

Summer, spring and winter holiday seasons bring a time for family to get together and sometimes take the kids on great vacation. There are so many places around the country and the world that you can take the kids to have an adventure or some fun. These places include waterparks and festivals, the beach and the mountains. Each of these vacations can create memorable moments that last a lifetime. At the same time, there are vacations where you go with the family that are completely memorable. These special places are not everywhere and you have to search to locate them. But it is worth the extra work because your family will talk about the experience forever. Here are two for your family to consider:

For Fun

Universal Studios Florida

Universal Studios Florida, is based in Orlando and is the sixth most attended family adventure park in the United States. The park contains several fantastic hotels, dozens of restaurants and of course the world famous Universal Studios Theme Park.

Since 1982, the park has featured rides and attractions based on hit films and television shows, like Ghostbusters, Men in Black, Star Trek, Terminator, and Barney the Dinosaur.

Universal Studios Florida features six themed areas built around a large lagoon. They are: Production Central, New York, World Expo, Woody Woodpecker’s Kidzone and Hollywood. Each area features a combination of rides, shows, attractions, character appearances, dining outlets and merchandise stores. In 2014 the park added a new area called Harry Potter’s Diagon Alley.

The size and attractions in the park mean that a family can literally send a week here and find new experiences to enjoy every day. The park is suited for kids of all ages with rides and attractions for all ages from toddlers to teenagers. This is in contrast to Orlando’s more popular Walt Disney World that caters more to younger kids.

If you bring the family there are dozens of ways to make memories in the park from riding the rides, to picture taking with the characters that roam about the park, to enjoying the shows, fireworks and parades that happen daily. It is truly a memorable vacation for everyone who decides to visit Universal Studios.

For an Adventure

Yellowstone National ParkYellowstone 2

Since 1871 Yellowstone has been the most famous park in the United States. It was also the first park to be nationally recognized by the US government in that year. Yellowstone covers a vat 3,472 square miles is in three US states, Wyoming, where it has its official address, Montana at its north and northwest, and Idaho, at its west.

Visitors can enter Yellowstone via five different entrances and because of the size of the park, it is best to decide what parts of the park you want to visit so you know which entrance to enter.

The Park has eight different areas that visitors frequent. Each of these areas has a different set of amazing things to see and explore and each also has its own visitor centers complete with museums detailing portions off the history of the park, and visitor amenities and lodging for guests. Some of the most popular features in the park include Mammoth Hot Springs, Tower-Roosevelt, Canyon Village, Fishing Bridge, West Thumb, Grant Village, Old Faithful, and Madison. These each have their own mystique and offer adventures for the family to explore. There are also many undeveloped areas of the park including Hayden and Lamar Valleys.

What is there to do at the Park?


There are so many things to do and see in Yellowstone Park you could literally spend weeks that and still not get to enjoy them all. Here is a short list of adventures for you and your family to undertake.


Yellowstone Park contains several rivers that are perfect for rafting. You can choose the degree of difficulty and if rafting is too extreme, you can always paddle down some of the more tame areas of the rivers. Whichever you choose it is great fun for the family.

Camp Out

A good number of people drive to Yellowstone and camp at one of the many campsite in or around the park. This is really one of the best ways to experience the park and it has everything you need for you and your family to enjoy the park as a camping spot. The park contains many campsites that are set up for tens or RVs. So no matter your intention, you will be accommodated.


The fishing in Yellowstone is second to none with more than two dozen types of fresh water fish native to the US available. You can choose form Yellowstone Lake or the Madison River for fly or lure fishing. Or you can fish for trout in many of the waters of the park.

You can also do some hiking and end expect to see wild animals in their natural habitat or take one of walking tours available in the park.

These two vacations are very different but each delivers life-lasting memories. You can decide on one or the other or take the family two each in consecutive years.

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