A Fantastic Holiday to Florida!

With beautiful beaches, thrilling theme parks and electric nightlife, cheap holidays to Florida are the perfect choice for families, couples or groups. There is so much to see and do that you’ll struggle to cram everything in!

If you love roller coasters, Orlando will be your dream destination in central Florida. The parks here are on a giant scale, with 3D shows for the kids, themed roller coasters reaching jaw dropping heights and theatre performances that will simply take your breath away. The parks are really well organised and there are plenty of staff on hand to ensure the whole family has a great day out. Your best bet for finding cheaper entrance tickets is to do a little search online and by them beforehand. You can usually find pretty good deals for cheap Universal Studios tickets as well as for Disney World.

After a busy day at the parks in Orlando, head back to your hotel for a dip in the pool and a chance to unwind before an all-American evening of entertainment. The nightlife is great for families, with award-winning shows, firework displays and countless restaurants to choose from.

Package holidays to the USA ensure your flights, transfers and accommodation are all sorted, but if you are feeling adventurous, why not opt for a fly drive? Head up the East or West Coast like Thelma and Louise, exploring beautiful towns and getting a real taste for Florida life. Recently voted one of top 10 cities to visit by National Geographic, Saint Augustine is well worth a visit.

This gem on the US Eastern Seaboard features quaint cafes and boutique shops dusted with treasures, as well as beautiful beaches dotted with laid back bars to watch the sunset surfers.  As well as being a beach lover’s paradise, the town is steeped in history being the oldest city in the USA. Tour trains trundle through the cobbled streets as tourists admire the Flagler Museum, the Old Fort and the Fountain of Youth.

Whatever your taste, you’ll find a slice of Florida to suit you, guaranteeing a fun holiday in the Floridian sun…

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