Five Tips for Alaska Cruises

Alaska is one of the premier cruise locations in the world. It is a picturesque blend of natural wonder that spans the temperature gamut and pushes the visual limits. Bask in the sun as you stare at the ice. It is an aesthetic of juxtaposition that any cruise or travel enthusiast should be excited to cross of their bucket list.

The following blog takes a look at the five most important tips for an Alaskan cruise. Check them out to secure your knowledge before you secure your seat on the passage into the Arctic North.


Tip #1: Be Sure to Check out the Mainland

Part of the allure to Alaskan cruises is the sense that the most exciting aspects of Alaska are found out in nature where you can just sail by. While this is true, keep in mind that the famed 50th state has much to offer on the mainland, and a trip up to the Anchoridge area would be somewhat of a waste, cruise or not, if you did not at least visit Alaska’s capital.

Some of the best options include trekking Mt. McKinley, or wilderness rides through the Denali area.

Tip #2: Arrive 1-2 Days Early

Cruises are less like airplanes in that if you miss your boat, there will not be another one leaving the dock in a couple of hours. It’s imperative that you make your cruise, which means that you need to ward against any bad luck by arriving at your departure city 1-2 days early. Chances are you will be in Seattle, Vancouver, or Anchorage, and there is tons to do in all three of these cities. You’re going on vacation anyway. You might as well extend it by one day so that you can travel completely worry-free.

Tip #3: If You Are American, Choose Seattle Over Vancouver

You may have to pay more to pull out of Seattle, but you will save time and avoid stress by not having to go through immigration on the way there, and on the way back. If you value your time, this may end up saving you money when it’s all said and done. You don’t want to have to deal with customs forms and lugging your baggage around. You want to get off the boat and seamlessly return to your regular life.

Tip #4: Bring the Right Clothing

This might seem like an obvious tip, given that you will be travelling to Alaska, but you would be surprised how many people just bring a sweater or two expecting cold, not the type of temperature swings that will meet you on the Alaskan Coast. Bring a winter coat, sweater, and even gloves. It may rain, so be sure to bring rain clothing as well. In addition, a breathable and waterproof shell will be ideal.

Tip #5: Book Your Cruise at the Right Time

There is a definitive “booking season” for cruises. The best months are typically May, early June, late August, or September. Regulars and cruise staff report that the sunniest days seem to occur in May or September (start and end of summer). If you are reading this blog post, then you are obviously the type to plan ahead. The next step is to mark the date and start counting down the days.

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