Common Areas of Personal Injury in Oakland California

Personal injury is a legal term for when someone is injured due to the negligence, carelessness, or intent of a person or entity. The term is purposely left broad as to accommodate a wide variety of cases that an injured person or plaintiff can bring against the person or entity casing the injury or defendant.

Personal injury cases are the most common types of civil cases filed and are regulated by laws in each state. Because they are civil, their positive outcome for the plaintiff results in a monetary settlement rather than jail time for the defendant.

The most common types of personal injury cases include: car accidents, slip or trip and falls, medical malpractice, assaults, and defective products. These cases collectively make up the vast majority of personal injury filings across the country.

There are other personal injury cases however that are commonly filed in Oakland California and that can also bring financial retribution for someone who has been injured by a person or party. Here is a list and description of some of the other often filed personal injury cases.

Defective Product

When we purchase a product from a supermarket, department store and even online we expect the product to be in good working condition and to perform as it has been promoted or advertised. All products must legally be manufactured to perform safely and offer clear instructions on their operation.

When a product is defective, does not have adequate instructions to avoid danger, or does not perform as expected, it can cause serious harm or even death to those who use it. These types of products also can undermine the public trust that the products they purchase are safe. When a company does not follow its legal obligations regarding its products, someone injured by one of its products can file a defective product lawsuit against it.

These types of personal injury lawsuits are generally very difficult to prove and require skilled personal injury lawyers who practice in Oakland California to litigate the case. can be intricate and hard to prove. And the burden of proof varies from state to state.

Premises Liability

When someone is injured on private property because the property owner or someone in legal possession of that property via a lease agreement acts carelessly or negligently with regard to its up keep, it is a prime example of an opportunity for a personal injury case. Premises liability cases have increased over the years and are brought for a variety of reasons.

Those who own or are in control of a property have a legal obligation to keep the property safe and well maintained. Any hazardous conditions must be repaired quickly, and any areas that are dangerous and have not been repaired must be clearly marked or made unavailable.

If there are leaks or spills, this can create a hazardous situation for anyone on the property and inadequate lighting can create hazardous conditions when the sun sets. All of these conditions are liabilities for whoever owns and controls the property and if someone is injured they can be sued.

To be clear, not all injuries that occur on a property will create a liability. There must be a specific set of circumstances that create the right conditions for a personal injury case.

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