The Best Disney World Attractions You’ve Never Heard Of!

While Disney World in Florida is a huge tourist destination with lots of popular and well-known attractions that most visitors tend to gravitate towards, there are many hidden delights within the parks that are just as exciting and entertaining. Nestled within the world of Mickey Mouse and the Magic Kingdom, another dimension of Disney World exists.

Disney World sunset picture

A True Taste of Old America

Liberty Square recreates the experience of early American life. One unique detail is the house number on each house. Each house’s four numbers represent the actual year in which the architectural style of that particular home was popular. Another interesting aspect of Liberty Square is that there is a central oak tree decorated with 13 lanterns, each of which represents one of the thirteen colonies. In addition, the rocks bordering the bridge from the Hub into Liberty Square came from the quarry where Washington crossed the Delaware.

Laugh and Drink

Just outside MouseGear are fountains that crack jokes whenever someone takes a drink from them. Quenching one’s thirst has never been so funny.

Old World Charm

It’s a good idea to visit the fountain around the German pavilion five minutes before the hour. During this time, a cuckoo bird emerges from the big clock tower.

A Lively Jungle

If a family explores the Asia section of the Animal Kingdom at the right time, they may luckily stumble upon DiVine, which is a walking piece of shrubbery.

Yummy Views

Just an hour before the fireworks display at Magic Kingdom, families can enjoy a Fireworks dessert party at the Tomorrowland Terrace.  This self-service buffet also offers a great view of the show.

Customize a Coiffure

Families can book appointments to get haircuts at the Harmony Barber Shop. Here, one can get an old-fashioned groom with a magical touch while the kids can try the coloured gel and pixie dust!

Horsing Around

The Tri-Circle-D Ranch at Ft. Wilderness Resort enables the family to experience horses up close and personal. There are all sorts of horse riding options including carriage, hay and wagon rides.

Scavenger Hunts

Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure at EPCOT and Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom involve an interactive scavenger hunt where the player must solve puzzles and make things happen in the parks as they experience the game.

To find everything hidden away in Disney World, you’ll need plenty of time. To purchase a 14-day pass that covers every park click here. Since Disney World has never been known to disappoint, it’s no surprise that some of its best attractions are discovered on the way to its most popular ones. It’s a world that is not only entertaining and family-friendly, but also quirky and interesting as well.

Ben Carter makes a point of going travelling at least 4 times a year and has so far covered 46 different countries. Taking his family with him gives him an amusing insight into travel in every situation.


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