America’s Best Island Getaway – Kiawah


Condé Nast Traveler has an annual tradition of polling their readers for the world’s best cities, capsule islands, doctor cruises, order and more. In 2014, more than a million people sent their votes to the famous travel magazine.

Charleston, South Carolina was the #1 City in the United States for the first time. Nearby Kiawah Island was named the #2 Island in the World. This position made it America’s greatest island, according to the Traveler readership. For those who have never visited, here’s why this American island is so great.


Kiawah is small enough to get away, but big enough to provide plenty to do. Just 10 miles long and 1.5 wide, at its widest, it’s packed with 30 miles of paved paths and 10 miles of usable beach. The weather is great year round, only getting down to about 60F in the winter and up to 85F in the summer.

Kiawah is a perfect barrier island, with aquatic forest, tidal creeks, freshwater waterholes, a river, and the Atlantic Ocean (of course). It’s packed with diverse wildlife of all kinds, and it has been responsibly and sustainably developed since it was first inhabited. Much of it looks today just as it has always looked.

Walking, biking, and kayaking are all popular ways to spend time on Kiawah. There are plenty of water sports to spend time with too. There is every manner of boating and boarding, and there’s plenty of fish in the sea for the fisherman, too. For active recreation, tennis, golf, and more are also available. The Ocean Course will host the PGA Championship in 2021, the second time it will have done so.

Contact a Kiawah Insland Real Estate advisor to find your dream vacation home now. Kiawah is an incredible getaway destination for people all over the world, and you’ll likely love it as much as everyone else. There are lodging places of all kinds – cottages, villas, estates, or even a new building site. Find your place on Kiaway today.


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