Top Tourist Attractions In Greenland

Don’t let its name fool you: the top tourist attractions in Greenland are ice cold white. According to legend, Erik the Red only named the island “Greenland” to lure settlers away from Iceland when in fact, it’s far more covered in ice. The southern coasts of Greenland are exceptionally green in the summer but this is not why tourists come here. Listed below are the best tourist attractions of Greenland and the very reasons why they visit.

Qeqertarsuaq town on Disko Island

Qeqertarsuaq town on Disko Island

Disko Island lies on the west coast of Greenland and used to be the base of whalers. Today, it has been transformed into a research station concerning life and living conditions in the Arctic.

Greenland National Park is the largest nature reserve in the world. It encompasses 375,000 square miles of Scotland’s forest and comprises the whole flora and fauna of Greenland. Among the wildlife you’ll see here are walruses, polar bears, musk-oxens, sea lions, foxes, and different species of birds.

South Greenland is characterized by contrasting landscapes. It has sprawling plains and green valleys as well as jagged glaciers. The region is also enriched with mineral mountains and frigid fjords. When it comes to history, Inuit and Norse backgrounds make it an interesting destination. Altogether, they make the region one of the top tourist attractions in Greenland.

Ilulissat is the country’s third largest settlement. It’s located 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. Nearby is the Jakobshavn Isbr├Že Glacier dubbed as the Northern Hemisphere’s most productive glacier. Even without it, Ilulissat still offers breathtaking sceneries with its other glaciers which break and fall dramatically into the sea. Then again there’s always the Ilulissat Icefjord set in the middle of Disko Bay. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Thule Island is home to native Eskimos. If you wish to know more about their life and culture, this is one of the top tourist attractions in Greenland.

Nuussuaq district of Nuuk with the Sermitsiaq mountain in the background

Nuussuaq district of Nuuk with the Sermitsiaq mountain in the background

Nuuk is the capital of Greenland situated. On the opening of Nuup Kangerlua inlet, west coast of the mainland. An enormous fjord complex surrounds the area, giving tourists more reasons to visit. Nuuk is also the most historic place in the country and the smallest capital in the world.

Narsaq provides tourists with the unique opportunity to take a boat to the ice cap. During the tour, you get to see stunning waterfalls and awe-inspiring glaciers.

Tasilaq (formerly known as Ammassalik) is the capital of Scotland. It has distinct, brightly painted houses built on the mountainsides.


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