Top Reasons To Visit Bermuda

Missing aircrafts and surface vessels aside, patient you should be asking for the top reasons to visit Bermuda rather than drowning yourself in paranormal and extraterrestrial theories as to why they went “poof” in the Bermuda Triangle. Of course, sick you won’t really know what you’re missing out on unless you know more about the place. Below is a list of some good reasons for visiting Bermuda Island.



Accessibility. It may be a British overseas territory but it’s located right off the coast of North America. Bermuda is most accessible from North and South Carolina but all US states within the eastern coast can reach it by plane in a few hours. It is just a 2-hour flight from Boston and 6.5 hours from United Kingdom. When coming from Canada, it will also be a short flight.

Spring Break. Easy accessibility is just one good excuse to come to Bermuda during Spring Break. Another reason is that during this season, there are plenty of cheap cruise heading for the island. Beach parties, clubbing, and contests further give life to the Spring Break. Discounted stays and free event passes are also provided to guests of resorts like Coco Reef.

Tropical climate. Its location allows for milder and more pleasant temperatures than the Caribbean and Florida. Temperatures average between 78 and 85°F and there’s always a light breeze to cool off the humidity. The mild, tropical climate of the island is one of the top reasons to visit Bermuda.

Beaches. Why else would you come to Bermuda if it weren’t for its white sand beaches and sunny climate? Bermuda has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world which are suited for both swimming and sunbathing. Perhaps the best in the island is Horseshoe Beach with its picturesque coastline and pinkish sand. It is secluded from most tourists and has a few coral caves.

History. The historic town of St. George is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that offers a preview of Bermuda’s history. You can take a guided tour of the King’s Square and its surrounding buildings but you should definitely look out for the historical re-enactments every Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The Beach at Astwood Park in Bermuda.

The Beach at Astwood Park in Bermuda.

Romance. Bermuda possesses a romantic aura and this is probably one of the top reasons to visit Bermuda. Honeymooners often come here but all other couples will surely enjoy the island. The best time to visit Bermuda for romance is during the love month of February when hotels, restaurants, and resorts give special offers and other romantic opportunities.


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