Planning a Custom Toronto Group Tour

Toronto is one of the most famous cities in the world, a fantastic place with hundreds of different activities you can experience during a trip. From a rich culture to a busy lifestyle of luxury and comfort, Toronto will leave you aching for more time in their beautiful streets.

If you’re considering visiting Toronto with a group in the upcoming holidays you must keep in mind it will require some mild planning to create a unique experience.

You could hire a tour agency to lead you through the city, but you’ll miss some of the fantastic sites that most tours won’t take you through. That’s why you should take your time and plan the perfect trip through the city, taking care of transportation, what places to visit, and where to stop.

And since keeping a large group together on public transit is never easy, consider renting a school bus to shuttle you from destination to destination. After all, a private bus is perfect for seeing the sites that your group wants to see, and a local driver will know their way around Toronto traffic a lot better than you can.

Keep reading, and you’ll find more tips on how to plan the perfect Toronto tour.

Research the Location

You’ve already settled on visiting Toronto, and you probably have some general knowledge about the area, but a little research always comes a long way and will improve your tour.

Consider the seasons and the weather, and decide what’s the best time to visit the city for your group. You might want to come during the brief summer window in July, but that’s when Toronto is the busiest.

A quick research of what’s going on in the city and what will happen in the next months will provide you with information about festivals or events that could interest your group and make a better experience.

Check Your Group’s Preferences

What does your group like Culture? Food? Shopping? Festivals and Events? Sports?

The problem with most tours of the area is that they want to make a catch-all trip through the city and only scratch the surface of most preferences. If you know beforehand what your group likes you’ll be able to craft a tour that takes them to locations they’ll love.

Mapping Your Destinations

Once you know what you want to visit you have to carefully lay them all out on the map and plan when you’re going to stop on each one.

Check each site’s schedule and call first to learn if they have a perfect time for group visits. Some destinations might have peak hours where it’ll be harder to enjoy them, or the guides won’t be available.

Planning Transportation

After every location is marked in the map, you’ll have to coordinate transportation between stops. Consider renting a school bus to shuttle you from destination to destination as it’ll be easier for you to enjoy the tour without the hassle of organizing transportation.

Choosing Pit Stops for Breaks

Every successful tour must have a couple stops with little to no activities, so the group can spread out, grab a bite, and rest to prepare for other events.

In Toronto, there are hundreds of different places where you can stop by and have dozens of options to eat or rest. If your group likes shopping, you might want to stop by on a shopping mall, or you could visit popular street food vendors that will delight your group and provide them with a cultural insight of the city.

Bring Everything You Need

Cash, first aid, water, and snacks, are some of the essential things you should always keep at hand when traveling with a large group. Even if you’re taking a stop for people to rest and buy stuff you should always keep your group satisfied for a successful tour.

If you rented a large vehicle, you’d have the advantage of having a place to keep everything organized while you stop by on each location.

Enjoy the Experience

Now that you have planned your tour the only thing missing is that you enjoy everything Toronto has to offer.

With your custom tour across the city, you’ll have a unique experience with your group that no one else will share. You’ll discover how vibrant and exciting is Toronto’s culture and find amazing places that will make you fall in love with the city.

Have fun and enjoy Toronto’s exciting lifestyle by following this brief guide and planning your custom tour.

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