Counting Down Canada’s Best Ski Resorts in British Columbia

Canada is one of my favorite places in the world to go skiing and if you are looking for a ski trip this year then I cannot recommend this country highly enough. Such is the nature of the ski conditions in many Canadian regions, there is a very wide range of resorts which you could choose when it comes to your ski spot and I wanted to give you a quick breakdown of my favorite resorts in what I would consider the best location for skiing, British Columbia.


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Best For The Pros – Fernie

If skiing is something that you have done for many years and you love nothing more than hitting a black slope or something with a challenge, Fernie is the place for you. The runs on this steep and rough terrain are the perfect place for experts and some of the long traverses and sharp drops will test every bit of your skiing ability. The resort here is small and basic as the attention is placed for more on the skiing itself, rather than what goes on after hours.

Best For Beginners – Sun Peaks

If you are just cutting your teeth in the skiing world, Sun Peaks is the place for you and this resort is fully geared up for beginners just like you. The pistes offer many green runs for beginners and there are also some intermediate runs should you feel a little more confident as the trip goes on. The resort is practically filled with ski-in/ski-out accommodation which means that there’ll be plenty of time for you to practice. Around the resort you will find many highly qualified guides and instructors at great prices.

Best For Families/All Abilities – Whistler

If you are traveling with the family or a group of people with different skiing abilities, Whistler is the best resort that you can choose for your skiing break. Here you will find runs on the mountains for all abilities, from those just starting out, to those looking for some high octane adventure. Whistler offers the single biggest skiing resort in North America and as such has a wide range of slopes which means you will not have to repeat the same one twice. The resort village in Whistler is always busy and it is packed with bars, restaurants and shops throughout as well as cable car services taking you wherever you need to go. Even non-skiers will love this resort as there is much to do from eagle spotting, tubing, snowmobiling and tubing which makes this resort the best place across the country for a mixed-ability party.

Have you been to British Columbia before? We’d love to know what your thoughts are and what your favorite ski resorts where there, please feel free to let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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