5 Experiences for a Perfect Canadian Holiday

Canada, the world’s second-largest country by area, is one of those destinations that are popular for their incredible blend of culturally rich cities and natural wonders. The country is home to some very beautiful landscapes that attract tourists from all parts of the world. Besides sightseeing, there are a lot of other things that you can do on a Canada tour from India.

For example, you can go hiking, wine tasting, kayaking, and the list is endless.  In fact, the list is so vast that you would be spoilt for choice. We, therefore, recommend that you to check with your international tour operator as to what activities are included in your Canada tour package. Make sure these five activities mentioned in the post are a part of your holiday package.

1. Go Kayaking in New Brunswick

The Bay of Fundy of New Brunswick is known for the highest tides on the planet. There is a 53-foot swing between high and low tide, which is taller than a four-story building. Visit the pillared formations, which are also known as Hopewell Rocks, which stand 40-70 feet tall. High tide comes twice a day, which quickly swallows up the shore and is the best time to head out for a kayaking excursion. You can take a walk when there is low tide and search for seashells.

2. Hike in Alberta

If you love hiking, you need to visit Alberta. The skyline trail in Alberta is ideal to experience a thrilling hiking experience. On your hiking trip, you can get a spectacular view of the breathtaking crystal lakes. Depending on your fitness level and determination, the hike can be completed in 2-6 days. The excellent campsites along the way ensure that you don’t have any problem camping at night.

3. See the Northern Lights in Yukon

Yukon, situated in the upper western reaches of Canada, is an ideal place to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis. You can check into a cozy cabin and watch the skies light up. If you are visiting Canada for the first time, you can contact Northern Tales and Travels, which conduct regular trips multiple times a day to spot the dancing lights. Make sure you carry sufficient warm clothes as it can get quite cold.

4. Visit the Niagara Falls in Ontario

On your trip to Canada, don’t miss out visiting the Niagara Falls in Ontario. Only a couple of hours away from Toronto, Niagara Falls is worth the hype. The deafening waterfalls were formed approximately 12,500 years ago as a result of Ice Age. You can cruise close up to the catamaran or go underground to walk behind the waterfalls. You can get a helicopter ride to soar above the falls and click some beautiful pictures.

5. Local Wine Tasting

Canada is one of the most famous wines growing regions in the world. You can either visit Okanagan Valley or Inniskillin, the company which has wineries in British Columbia and Ontario. At Inniskillin, you can not only taste wine but also know the process of making sweet ice wine, which involves an interesting process of harvesting frozen wines.

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These five activities mentioned in this post are just some of the many things that you can do on a Canada tour. Do check the itinerary before selecting a holiday package. Also, make sure you book a package only through a reputable tour operator. Good Luck!

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